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Adam Marelli Workshop Testimonial

Kyoto Japan

by Michelle Leung

Michelle Leung doubted whether her photography improved, but I believe this photograph speaks for itself.  Michelle Leung.

Michelle Leung doubted whether her photography improved, but I believe this photograph speaks for itself. © Michelle Leung.

Beyond Expectations

The day before the Kyoto workshop, I was shuffling around the Anteroom Hotel lounge in my slippers when a woman stopped me and said with an Australian accent, “Adam! I’m Michelle.”  We started chatting and ended up gaining enough momentum that if I did not go upstairs and change out of my slippers, we would carry on like this until dinner.  When I came back down, Michelle confessed that she was nervous about the workshop.  She was not one for criticism and said later in the week her palms were sweating before the first image review.  I assured her, this was not like school.  No one was judging her, there were no wrong answers and my critiques don’t hurt a bit (unless you request it.) This was promptly followed by a few of Michelle’s bubbling laughs which became a mainstay in the workshop’s morale.  We judged that if Michelle was laughing, it was going to be a good day.

Michelle Leung on Adam Marelli Workshops

Michelle Leung on Adam Marelli Workshops


After the workshop, Michelle collected her thoughts in the following testimonial to give everyone a sense of how the week went for her.  Interestingly enough, Michelle described her desire to do a photo project, but was not sure where to start.  She took a walk around the block, made a phone call back home and returned with an idea.  Turns out, she moved from Australia to Hong Kong a few years ago.  Without knowing it, she moved back into her father’s old neighborhood, noted for its printing presses.  She wanted to make a visual account of her family’s traces on those streets before the completely transformed into something unrecognizable.  At dinner’s we all swapped stories and Michelle uncovered a few more pieces to her photographic puzzle.  Now she is off an running.

Michelle used to workshop to find a path to a personal project.

Michelle used to workshop to find a path to a personal project.

This January she will be back with me at the Chiang Mai Workshop (Sold Out), along with AJ, who was with us in Kyoto.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Michelle’s work comes along.  But to get the best sense of her feelings, have a read of her testimonial below.

“Wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Kyoto workshop; the company, the food (oh my goodness, the food!!!), the location and Adam’s tutelage were outstanding. Thank you.
If I focus on Adam’s role, what I enjoyed about the workshop was his willingness and openness to share his wisdom. His perspective that combines classical art and design with photography is unique and provides sound rationale for composition, light and colour. I promptly filled my Moleskine (notebook) with notes from the discussions. Time passed quickly listening to Adam and absorbing information dense views/critiques because his approach is genuine, not personally directed and so well informed. At the same time the group were equally open to share personal experiences and knowledge. The “fireside” conversations were the most memorable.
Whilst the group members were at different stages of photographic maturity, Adam’s approach and imparting of knowledge remained level, and there was always something to take away from the sessions. Questions became a springboard for new learning opportunities, yet Adam remains humble enough to remain a student.
It would not be realistic to say that the quality of my photography has immediately significantly improved, but I can speak with a lot more confidence about what I am looking at. The biggest takeaway for me was in response to Adam’s question about what is the purpose of my photography, and I have come away with inspiration to pursue a personal project. I am grateful for the detailed advice, suggestions and encouragement Adam has continued to volunteer to help me get started on this. 
So, overall, wow! The workshop exceeded expectations, and above all else it was simply an effing good time!!!! Thanks. Looking forward to the Chiang Mai workshop already.” -Michelle Leung

Thanks to you Michelle, AJ, Steve, Misaki, Andrew and Penny for making it a truly memorable week.



  6 Responses to “Adam Marelli Workshop Testimonial: Kyoto”

  1. Wow, so ecstatic thinking about my first “on the field” workshop with Adam next september in Venice/Verona. Can’t wait. I am enjoying very much my one-to-one classes with Adam, so much encouragement and food for thought guided by Adam’s expertise and love for beauty…that…as I say can’t wait to be in the field…first Venice and am sure it will be the first workshop of many more with Adam. How amazing Michelle finding up inspiration for her personal lovely project! Am sure it will blown us up…seeing that very skillfull shot. Cheers!

    • Hi Teresa,

      I am looking forward to Venice already and have started planning some of the shoots like we did in Kyoto. The specialized shoots proved themselves well for the photographers. You can see how well Michelle did once we could put her in the right situation.

      See you soon.


  2. That’s a beautiful photography. Compliments to Michelle.

  3. Hi Teresa, have a brilliant time in Venice on the workshop with Adam. Hard to go wrong with that combination I reckon. Thanks for your note!

    kind regards, Michelle

  4. Hi Peter, I’m deeply chuffed that you like the photo. Thank you!

    kind regards, Michelle

  5. Hello Michelle,

    Saw your beautiful photo and am very impressed.
    And touched.

    Would love to get into contact with you – as we might see each other end of september in Verona/ Venice.

    If you like to – just write an email to me: – as I am not in Facebook.
    Take care


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