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The Artist + Curator Seminar

with Adam Marelli and Susan Bright

( only 1 space left )

The Artist + Curator Series with Adam Marelli and Susan Bright

The Artist + Curator Series with Adam Marelli and Susan Bright

Why do we take pictures?

Whenever I ask this question, I get three answers:

  • “I want my pictures to tell a story.”
  • “I want to show my unique view of the world.”
  • “I want to find the beauty in everyday things.” 


These three answers describe almost every photographer in the world.  They do not, in any way, define who you are as a photographer.  We need to dig deeper to discover what drives our work and what makes it different, so that our work gives us the satisfaction we deserve.

This seminar is the product of three years of workshop research to figure out what prevents photographers from reaching their goals.  I designed this program for a special type of photographer whose needs are rarely met.  Who is that photographer?

Why do we take pictures? Adam Marelli

Why do we take pictures? Adam Marelli

Who did I design this seminar for?

The photographer I had in mind when I created this seminar is someone who:
Knows their gear inside and out.  They understand that the latest gear and fastest lenses will not fulfil their artistic desires.  They want more out of their work and no amount of gear will get them to the next level.
Admires and enjoys art, but is not sure how to translate it to their own work.  I have met a good number of photographers who possess a profound appreciation for art, but they did not go to art school.  Any time they visit a city like Paris or New York they take time to visit at least a museum or two, because they understand that looking at art in books and on computer screens is just a teaser to the real thing.  But as wonderful as the Mona Lisa might be, they still want to know, “How can I add the lessons of master artists to my own work?”
Is not content taking pictures in their own backyard.  We all want to make better pictures.  My goal was to assemble a group of photographers who are willing to travel far and wide for a picture that gives meaning to their efforts.  They know the pains of early morning shoots, they have cursed their frozen fingers while fumbling with zippers, and more than once their dedication to their pictures has found them drenched from head to toe.  They are willing to go to the ends of the earth for a photograph, but even after years of effort, they still feel like the work is incomplete.

What is an artist?  Adam Marelli.

What is an artist? Adam Marelli.

Why Join

Photographers want to find meaning and purpose in their work.  It is when we reflect on what we are doing and why we are doing it, does the simple act of pressing a shutter become a meaningful way of life.

Someone asked me recently, “What’s wrong with taking snapshots?”  To which I said nothing is wrong with it.  People do it all the time.  But let’s be honest for a second.  If you spend at least ten hours a week:

  • Reading bookmarked photography pages
  • Gazing adoringly at your own cameras and lenses
  • Planning at least one overseas trip for the purpose of taking images
  • Thinking more about taking pictures than doing your job


YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN TAKING SNAPSHOTS.  You want more and I want to say, that’s ok.  In fact, I think that is great!

How It Works

The Artist

Most of you already know me.  You read the website, have watched my Youtube videos, maybe even been to a workshop or two.  But the thing you want more of is the critical conversation about artistic development.  These types of conversations can only happen in small, intimate groups where everyone is on the same page.

In this seminar I will be peeling apart the careers of artists like Caravaggio and photographers like Cartier-Bresson to see how they went from being mediocre novices to outstanding pillars of the artistic community.  These talks have never been given, and in the seminar format we will be able to discuss any questions you have about these artists.  And most of all we can examine how you can apply these lessons to your work too.

The Curator

And to compliment my approach, I would like to introduce you to another addition.  Susan Bright is the curator, photography writer and regular panel judge who will be joining us for the day to help everyone develop their work further.  She has been a judge for photography competitions like the W. Eugene Smith Award, the Aaron Siskind Award and was the co-curator for ‘How We Are: Photographing Britain’ at Tate Britain in London.  Her recent exhibition “Home Truths: Photography and Motherhood” was on show in London and will travel to MoCP, Chicago.  Needless to say she will be a wonderful resource for all of you.

Her website: http://susanbright.net/

The Details + Sign Up

  • Date: Saturday February 8th, 2014 (next Saturday)
  • Size:  The seminar is strictly limited to 6 photographers…only 1 space is left.
  • Time: 9am-5pm
  • Cost: 395 USD
  • Meals:  Coffee, water (flat and sparkling), snacks, and wine will be provided.  I am thinking a few bottles of Paolo Bea will cap off the afternoon.  We will go out for lunch at one of my favorite Italian restaurants nearby my studio (lunch not included in cost.)
  • Location: My studio on the West Side of Manhattan.
  • Preparation:  The more images and questions you bring, the more you will get out of the day.  Both Susan and I are here to discuss our experiences and how they will relate to your work.


If you are interested in applying, please email theworkshop@adammarelliphoto.com



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