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A day at the Chiang Mai Life Construction site during the workshop.  © Adam Marelli

A day at the Chiang Mai Life Construction site during the workshop. © Adam Marelli


The year is off to a great start.  Not all years start out with this much momentum.  January can feel like an extension of a New Year’s hangover, while at other times it feels like the difference between taking off in a prop plane or a jet.  Two thousand fourteen feels like a jet, nicely appointed with a courteous staff and an itinerary that will make for an fantastic year.

Looking ahead at 2014, I am taking a little advice from the past.  Maizuru/Japan.  © Adam Marelli

Looking ahead at 2014, I am taking a little advice from the past. Maizuru/Japan. © Adam Marelli


While New York City suffered from one of its snowiest spells since 1996, this January we were off to a soldout workshop in Chiang Mai,Thailand.  The warm days and cool evenings were a perfect reprieve from the protests in Bangkok and the layers of winter back in NYC.  For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you already heard that I had dinner with Steve McCurry  and Khun Pom at the Devi Kroll hotel, while my girlfriend hopped a quick flight to India to have a private meeting with the Dali Lama (What do you say to a guy whose name starts with an article?) 

After the workshop, I was back in NYC to host the first Artist + Curator Seminar at my studio and get started on the other projects which will be running for the year.  Between the workshops in the Spring and Fall, there are some exciting new programs which I want to share with you.  (The remaining spaces are listed at the end of the article.)

Florence Workshop with Adam Marelli & Leica Miami, sold out.

Florence Workshop with Adam Marelli & Leica Miami, sold out.


While public speaking is often cited as a major fear, my “nervous in front of strangers” button must to be broken.  It turns out, when I’m not in the studio or tucked behind a camera, I like speaking.  But even more than speaking, I love answering your questions.  The opportunity to engage with people is something that I have come to appreciate.  On the spot and unscripted, I like to hear from creative people who are on the verge of taking the plunge from “employment” to “self employment.”

For this reason, there will be more speaking engagements this year, and next year too (see the Leica Boutique Exhibition below.)  Kicking it off, I was invited by Helen Todd, who you know from last year’s SXSW talk, to speak at Social Media Week.  I was proud to be the only speaker at Social Media Week who is not on Twitter…ironic, maybe…funny…for sure.  We ran a continuation of our program “Exploring Deep Creativity” and we will be back in Las Vegas again this year for the second round of SXSW V2V.  If you are thinking about a startup you always wanted to get going, V2V is a great place to find inspiration, connections, and a little helpful advice to get the ball rolling.

A Room for Improvement, with Adam Marelli on Art Photo Feature.

A Room for Improvement, with Adam Marelli on Art Photo Feature. © Adam Marelli

Online Courses

If you can’t make the talks but want to get a little more out of the computer than Buzzfeed personality tests, I have two announcements which you should enjoy.

UDEMY Online Photography Classes: First, I am partnering with the online education program Udemy to offer photography courses that will bring my unique approach to art and photography right into your home.  After three years of running workshops, I came to two conclusions: (1) I wish that photographers could study a number of concepts before the workshop so we don’t have to spend precious workshop time covering things that someone could watch online.  (2) Not everyone wants to go to a workshop, but they would like to improve their photography.  People have asked me about writing a book on composition and design, but I have not found a model that makes sense, either financially or in format.  I learned about art and photography from someone explaining concepts to me, which is why I feel that video will be the best format for teaching these concepts.  Books are only supplements, which is why Udemy came at the perfect time.

The first video in the series will be released around the beginning of May, with announcements here on the site first.  Oh, and did I mention that these courses will be somewhere in the range of $20 a class?

A Room for Improvement with Adam Marelli: Secondly, as of last Friday I started recording street photography critiques with Art Photo Feature called “A Room for Improvement with Adam Marelli.”  A small play on words, I wanted to create a video series to give feedback that focuses on the positives in photography rather than the negatives.  We will look at what photographers are already doing well and how they can make their images cleaner, more powerful, and more meaningful.  Rohit and Vineet Vohra, the founders of APF, have done an excellent job of raising the bar of street photography coming out of Asia and I am happy to be a part of pushing it up even higher.

6 Keijiro Miyanishi Charcoal Maker Adam Marelli

Keijiro Miyanishi, Traditional Charcoal Maker, Kyoto/JAPAN. © Adam Marelli


Back in NYC, I want to announce three exhibitions in the coming months.

LEICA BOUTIQUE X Adam Marelli:  This Spring the Leica Boutique (Soho) will host an exhibition on my series “Lost Ceremony” opening Thursday May 8th, 2014.  It will be an opportunity for many of you to see the images in person and even go home with a few.  I have designed this exhibition with the burgeoning photography collector in mind. More details on the show and the following talk coming soon.

SCOPE and Marc E. Babej: I would like to congratulate Marc, one of my One on One photographers, for having his work featured at Scope this year.  For anyone who feels like they needed to go to art school to get a gallery, guess again.  Marc has worked very hard in the last year to get his projects exhibited and it’s all coming together.  Well done Marc!

Bangkok and Rammy Narula:  My other “hardest working photographer,” Rammy Narula will have his first exhibition in April over in Bangkok (official announcement forthcoming.)  Just like Marc, Rammy really put his head down over the last year, and they have both turned up some wonderful awards, publications, and now exhibitions.  On a personal note, I’m delighted to see the the One on One program doing exactly what I had hoped.  It’s given photographers tangible solutions to making a body of work that goes WAY beyond personal satisfaction and earns them international recognition.  Bravo gentlemen!

The Workshop, Kyoto/JAPAN open.  © Adam Marelli

The Workshop, Kyoto/JAPAN 2014…now open. © Adam Marelli


As much as I love traveling, I look forward to my time at home for the next two months.  The to-do list is not getting any shorter and airports spell disaster when it comes to getting this finished.  Plus it will give me a chance to host some friends and go to some exciting events like the Explorer’s Club Annual Gala.  Joining me at the gala will be Getrude Matshe.  She is originally from Zimbabwe, lives in New Zealand, and you might have seen her on TED.  Through a strange turn of events, I had the good fortune to help her out with her upcoming talk at the United Nations.  I would never have thought that some of my ideas would end up on the floor at the UN.  Looks like NYC still has a few surprises in store for me.

Anyway, before I go on too long, I wanted to leave you guys with the updates on the workshop schedule.

2014 Workshop Availability

  • New York City/USA (April 26-27, Saturday-Sunday) SOLD OUT
  • Florence/ITALY (May 12-16, Monday-Friday) SOLD OUT
  • Matera/ITALY (May 21-25, Wednesday-Sunday) SOLD OUT
  • Berlin/GERMANY (June 13-15, Friday-Sunday) 3 spots left
  • London/ENGLAND (June 20-22, Friday-Sunday) 1 spot left
  • New York City/USA Seminar (July 19 Saturday) 3 spots left
  • Venice & Verona/ITALY (September 29-October 3) SOLD OUT
  • NEW Kyoto/JAPAN (November 3-7) 4 spots left SOLD OUT


Honore de Balzac on Unity.  Maizuru/JAPAN.  Adam Marelli

Honore de Balzac on Unity. Maizuru/JAPAN. Adam Marelli

Best-Adam Marelli

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    I want to find out more about the Berlin workshop. Where can I get more information?

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