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Leica Blog Interview with Adam Marelli

Leica Meet x Leica Camera

“Invisible City”

"Invisible City" Matera, Italy © Adam Marelli

“Invisible City” Matera, Italy © Adam Marelli

Cultural Photography

Back in April, I was introduced to the Leica Meet photography group.  Founder Olaf Willoughby brings together Leica photographers from Europe and the US to discuss, shoot, and explore the world with a camera.  Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, Olaf’s aim was to create a place for people to share their experiences and skills with a larger community.

In collaboration with Leica Camera, Olaf created an interview series that looks at the photography projects as they develop.  He invited me to participate and share a single project.  After four months, thousands of miles of travel, and too many emails to count, we finally linked up and put together the interview on my recent project “Invisible City,” based in southern Italy.

Read the full interview on the Leica Blog below…and you guys know how social media works, if you like the interview, leave a comment or a few kind words, so Leica knows that you enjoy the material.


I’d like to thank Leica Camera, Olaf Willhouby & Eileen McCarney Muldoon, Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita, and the city of Matera for their work on this project.

Best-Adam Marelli


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