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Artisan & Artist Soft Camera Pouch


Artisan &Artist Soft  Camera Pouch © Adam Marelli

Artisan & Artist Soft Camera Pouch © Adam Marelli

Cushion in all the right places

A number of years ago, Japanese bag designer Artisan & Artist designed a small bag to cushion your camera when it had to be put in a carry on bag.  The bag was called the Rina Bag, named after the Japanese celebrity who wanted to carry a Leica in her purse.  But like many great ideas, it never took off.  Probably due to the imagery of a TV newscaster posing with her Leica, photographers could not get behind it.

Recently, Artisan & Artist went back to the drawing board.  They scrapped the old design, removed the zippers and made a small pouch designed to be thrown inside of a carry on, duffle bag, or any other piece of luggage.  It has enough cushion to keep the camera safe, without feeling like an inflated life preserver.  We made a video review of the Soft Camera Pouch below and hope you enjoy it.


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