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Berlin Photo Workshop with Leica Store Miami and Adam Marelli

Berlin Photo Workshop with Leica Store Miami and Adam Marelli

Berlin Photo Workshop

Leica Store Miami + Adam Marelli


After our successful workshops in Prague and Florence, Leica Store MiamiAdam Marelli Workshops wanted to keep the European adventures rolling. This summer we will be heading to Germany’s capital city of Berlin.

Berlin is a laid back city with a friendly population that is home to world-class art, music and culture. Past and present come together in this diverse city, resulting in a bohemian vibe that makes Berlin a magnet for creativity. It is the perfect location to hone your photography skills. Whether we are chasing down a game of bocce ball along the river or shooting a model on location, Berlin is a brilliant backdrop offering a range of settings from classical architecture to the grittier relics of the post-war years.

In this four day workshop we will explore the city as backdrop, muse and your own personal photographic studio. Together, we will discover the connection between photography, art and the vibrant culture of Berlin. You will learn how to apply this holistic approach to your personal vision anywhere in the world.

Kreuzberg, Berlin © Adam Marelli

Fun along the canals in Kreuzberg, Berlin © Adam Marelli

Berlin 5 © Adam Marelli

Photographers aren’t the only ones who fondle their equipment.  © Adam Marelli

What’s included

  • Four days of guided shooting around our favorite locations in Berlin
  • A private shoot in a local artisan’s studio
  • A session with professional models with one-on-one instruction on environmental portraiture
  • Composition and lighting presentations by Adam Marelli that have been featured on B&H Photo Series, Petapixel, Art Photo Feature, and the Leica Blog
  • Technical workflow instruction for Adobe Lightroom from Leica expert David Farkas, who has 25 years experience in professional digital imaging and printing
  • Large selection of Leica cameras and lenses to use for the duration of workshop, including M (Typ 240), M Monochrom and legendary lenses like the 50mm Noctilux and the 50mm APO-Summicron
Last year we dropped into a graphic designer and photographers studio in Berlin © Adam Marelli

Last year we dropped into a graphic designer and photographers studio in Berlin © Adam Marelli

Adam’s Approach

Adam’s approach to photo instruction is very different from the usual photo workshop. His foundation as a painter, sculptor and craftsman add tremendously to his photography experience and his ability to teach classical composition and lighting techniques. In the one-on-one critique sessions, Adam is direct, honest and extremely constructive (and sometimes downright hilarious), getting participants to reach a new level of self-awareness in their photography. By the end of the workshop, you’ll find yourself hearing his critiques in your head as you frame prospective images. As a result, in just four days you’ll approach composition and image making from a new perspective and find yourself able to easily identify your strongest photos, while avoiding past mistakes.

Of course, you might also find yourself learning more than you ever thought possible about art and artists, as Adam has been known to bring to bear his encyclopedic knowledge of art history when discussing photography. We might even find ourselves taking a short break from photography, visiting a museum or gallery where Adam will walk us through some of the pieces. This is not your typical photo workshop.

For more information and to register, click here. If you have any questions, please contact us at
(305) 921-4433 or info@leicastoremiami.com

T E S T I M O N I A L 

First, I just want to say how much I enjoyed meeting you and Stacy and spending time with you in Berlin.  It was a fun, challenging, intellectually stimulating, and eye opening weekend.  I purposely waited a few days to respond to your email because I was waiting for the buzz to subside — I knew it couldn’t last — so I could think clearly about my impressions of the workshop and the lessons I learned there.

You’re right that I did give it my all, because I wanted to practice the lessons and be able to get direct feedback from you.  You are an excellent teacher and mentor and I was very impressed by your insight and judgement, your amazing ability to instantly recall images that demonstrate your points and bring them up on the computer, and the substance and clarity with which you answered our questions!  You’re the real deal, Adam.

You’re also right in that I anticipated hearing the design concepts you teach in your videos and writings, but looking back over the weekend, it makes sense to first develop us and help us bring ourselves into our photography.  To concentrate on the design aspects first, before you know what you want to shoot, would lead to a frustrating experience.  That was clearly the most significant take away for me — the process of going from not knowing what to shoot, to having an idea I could work, to getting your artistic and technical feedback on my first images.  This processed changed my relationship to photography.  It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like an artist. 

It was without a doubt the most transformational photography instruction I’ve ever had and it could never have come from an article, book, blog, or YouTube video.  Your workshop provided that invaluable experience!

I enjoyed the pace and rhythm of the workshop, too.  You’re very disciplined and focused, but you guided us in a relaxed manner and allowed the workshop to flow naturally without imposing a strict structure to it.  It was very well done.

Finally, I was impressed with the people you attract to your workshops.  It was so refreshing to get out of my own orbit and meet such accomplished people with interesting backgrounds and stories. Our lunches and dinners together were a highlight for me.  Please feel free to share my email with them as I’d like to keep in touch with everyone.   And please feel free to use/edit my comments for use as a testimonial.
Thanks again Adam!  It was a real pleasure.”

–Greg Burke, Berlin 2014

Enjoy, relax, and shoot up a storm in Berlin © Adam Marelli

Shoot till you drop in Berlin © Adam Marelli


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