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Fear and Creativity

SXSW Panel Picker 2016

Fear the other four letter word. SXSW panel picker © Adam Marelli

Fear: The other four letter word. SXSW panel picker © Adam Marelli

Get your ideas off the ground

For the last three years, I’ve had the good fortune to speak at SXSW.  While many think SXSW is just a music conference and a reason to drink too much in the Austin sun, SXSW is a great resource for growing entrepreneurs and photographers.  Remember, starting in photography is as much of a business as it is a creative path.  One without the other will only lead to frustration.

My aim as a speaker is to give creatives the tools and confidence to succeed.  How do I do this?  By sharing the details of my path as an artist.  When I was coming up as an artist, there were no resources like this.  Everything was trial and error.  That experience taught me a lot of lessons, but learning the “hard way” takes a long time.  I enjoy offering a group of creatives my stories, so that we can save the hardships and get to the fun stuff: S U C C E S S

The road to creativity can be daunting.  Somedays it looks like a wide open highway and other days it looks like a train tunnel that just collapsed in front of you.  Managing the ups and downs of a new business is easier when you have friends who can guide you along the way.

Whether you will be in Austin Texas for SXSW or just watching the videos online, the panel picker allows you to select who you would like to see shaping the voices of the future.  Cast your votes, share it with a young artist, or a caring (but probably overbearing parent) worried that their artist child will end up destitute.

As I used to tell my “caring father” when he wondered how I would make money:  ”If you are the best at what you do, someone will pay you for it.”

Submit your vote today…I graciously thank you again for this opportunity.


Watch last years talk below.



  4 Responses to “Cast your votes: SXSW Panel Picker 2016”

  1. Enjoyed your post, Adam and hearing about why you think it’s important to share your creative journey. Look forward to being on the panel with you.

  2. Will not be able to make it to Austin Adam, but will watch online!

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