Oct 122015

Adam Marelli interviewed on Contemporary Standard

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"In good hands" interview with Adam Marelli on Contemporary Standard.

“In good hands” interview with Adam Marelli on Contemporary Standard.

A view on craftsmanship

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience.  Before leaving for Italy, the “to do” list went from full to off-the-wall-packed.  As always it is in good fun, but the posts that I wanted to run before leaving were left on the drafting board.  It’s got me thinking a little bit more about opening up a space for another writer on the site, so if the idea strikes you, drop me an email.

Secondly, while I was away, the gentlemen at Contemporary Standard asked if I could share some of my thoughts on craftsmanship.  Being Italian, they have an embedded love of quality goods.  From the obvious standouts like Maserati and Ferrari to the lesser known knife makers and family run operations dotted around the peninsula, Contemporary Standard wanted to learn a bit more about the future of craftsmanship and how I’ve seen it developing around the world.

Nakashima Woodworker's Richard Gaynor shaving a dowel for a chair back.

Nakashima Woodworker’s Richard Gaynor shaving a dowel for a chair back.

Read the interview here: 
The interview features craftsmen and craftswomen from workshops I’ve photographed around the world and also a few that workshop participants have visited.  In the interview you will see shots from:

  • Nakashima Woodworkers (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Bellerby & Co. Globemakers (London, England)
  • Kaikado (Kyoto, Japan)
  • D.co Tramontin e Figli (Venice, Italy)
  • Ippodo Tea (Uji, Japan)
  • Hosoo (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Oigo Seisakusho (Toyama, Japan)
  • Hayn & Hayn (Berlin, Japan)


Lastly, while it is great to be home and the to do list is not getting any shorter, I can’t wait to get to Japan.  Only three weeks from now we will be enroute to Kyoto for the next round of workshops.  The first one is completely sold out, but there is one space left…see you there!



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