Nov 252015

The Rake

Interview in English & Japanese

Adam Marelli on The Rake Florence, Italy © Adam Marelli

“Comparing craftsmanship with mass market is like comparing a truffles to astronaut food.”

– Adam Marelli

The Growth of Craftsmanship

There is a growing world-wide interest in hand-made products.  Their unique, one of a kind status is appealing and so are the prices they can command from serious clients and collectors.  Unlike the years following World War II when people were led to believe that technology would save us from everything, it is safe to say that technology has opened some doors, but has created landfills worth of products that don’t last more than ten years.  The kickback from a tech forward world is a re-birth of hand-made.

From genuine bespoke products to mass market luxury goods pawned as “hand-made”, the role of the artisan is making a solid comeback.   But understanding hand-made goods requires a lot on the part of the consumer.  What do I mean by that?  Go into any high end tailor and ask for “The BEST suit he has…”  It is something that happens all the time and the truth is there is no answer.  There is no such thing as “best” in high end, hand-made goods.  It is more about your preferences, something that luxury producers like Hermes, Chanel, and Prada would prefer you not the think about.  Because what separates bespoke from expensive luxury items is that one is made for you by a master and the other one is made for someone “like you.”

And while you might not be able to run out and get everything you own made by hand, it is interesting to learn what is real and what is marketing.

Read the entire interview at The Rake online here.


D. co. Tramontin & Figli. Venice, Italy © Adam Marelli

D. co. Tramontin & Figli. Venice, Italy © Adam Marelli


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  1. I absolutely agree. You’ve hit the nail on the head!

  2. Agreed, could not have said any better.

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