Nov 232015

Back in New York City


Central Park 2 © Adam Marelli

Central Park 3 © Adam Marelli

For the last few weeks everything has started with a bow, been eaten with chopsticks, and ended with more bows.  The trip to Japan was, once again, a brilliant time.  The shoots from the workshops will be coming out over the next few weeks and one of them will be published early next year on Gear Patrol.

Central Park 6 © Adam Marelli

Central Park 4 © Adam Marelli

Central Park 5 © Adam Marelli

Meanwhile back in New York City, I was back at it shooting with some One on One students in Central Park.  While many people don’t get a chance to come to New York and enjoy the sessions in person, I thought it would be nice to show a real time sequence of what we found in Central Park.  All of the picture were taken during a 2 hour session.  It amazes me the variety that the city offers in only a few blocks.

Central Park 7 © Adam Marelli

Central Park 8 © Adam Marelli

Central Park 9 © Adam Marelli

Central Park 10 © Adam Marelli

To summarize what we went over today in the session, here is a brief list:

  • Put yourself out there and meet people.
  • Find good light anywhere and if you can’t find it look harder.
  • Remember to take pictures of your friends.
  • And even a gray day can surprise you with a little light (see waterfall picture.)

See you tomorrow with the start of a new Japan series.  The Leica M240 I am shooting is compliments of Photo Village here in NYC.


Central Park 11 © Adam Marelli

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