Nov 242015

The Photographer’s Tool Box

N O W  O N  Y o u T u b e

Adam Marelli's Photographers Tool Box

How can you distill 15 years worth of photography into ten minutes?  Watch The Photographer’s Tool Box on YouTube and discover the road map that took me years to learn.

The Photographer’s Tool Box is 10 simple to use tools that artists have known for centuries, but have never been adapted for photographers.

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  9 Responses to “Watch this if you want to be a photographer: The Photographer’s Tool Box”

  1. Wonderful, concise intro to valuable topics. Thank you.

  2. Very good Adam, straight to the point. It will me years to get everything covered, and cover it well (if ever). But the journey in itself is worthwhile. Best Dirk

    • Dirk,
      You are already making tremendous headway on these…and a new website, graphic design, and published photos to the resume and Id say you had a great photo year! Congratulations.


  3. Adam,
    Well focused, composed and with great depth of field!

  4. I appreciate this video/information so much. I really want to nail down that eye for focal length.

  5. Adam,

    Your material is first class – one of the best photography resources on-line. Many thanks for producing and sharing.


  6. Your Toolbox presentation was very impressive, it made me think about photography differently than most of the books I have been reading about the technical aspects. I have been trying to get better but working and life seem to be getting in the way.

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