Feb 162016

Why do I press that shutter button?

by Bill Tracy

Why i press the shutter © Adam Marelli

Fellow photographer and writer Bill Tracy put together an delightful article that asks a number of well known photographers “Why they press that shutter button?”

It was an honor to contribute along side other photographers like Joe McNally and Joel Meyerowitz.  Unlike the gravitational trend for short, meaningless articles on photography, this one is worth reading from top to bottom.  Below is an excerpt on my contribution, but be sure to let Bill know what the article meant to you in the comment section.  He regularly contributes fantastic comments that I look forward to on both my Facebook page and here on the site.  His words are a welcome breath of fresh air in the sphere of internet gibberish.


Adam Marelli is an artist trained in both sculpture and photography. His response is cryptically profound yet no less optimistic. “I photograph things I don’t understand,” he said. “That’s been my interest since I picked up a camera.” He is sure the camera will provide some answer to the mysteries of our world. At more length, he said, “Considering that I probably understand less now than I did when I picked up a camera…read more on Bill’s site.

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