Mar 132016

Adam Marelli on the Photo Brigade

My thoughts on Workshops, Travel, and the Art of Photography

Robert Caplin, founder of the Photo Brigade, was kind enough to invite me to a session at Adorama here in New York City.  We recorded our time together and it went up on YouTube a while back.  Today they are hosting their 100th podcast and Robert pointed out that my session is one of their highest viewed talks yet.  I’m really humbled that photographers enjoyed the piece and responded so positively.

Hopefully it answers a number of your questions about workshops, photography, and the business of becoming a professional.  Please enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Looking forward to the next time.


Adam Marelli 3 © Robert Caplin

  2 Responses to “Adam Marelli Photo Brigade: My thoughts on Workshops, Travel, and the Art of Photography”

  1. Adam, listening to the passion you express for the art photography is always inspiring. Your ability to relate this to others aspiring to the level you are is clearly a gift. I will always follow and learn from you.

    Thank you and continued success.

    Vijay Singh

    • Thank you Vijay,

      Happy that you enjoyed it and hope it shares around nicely to your other photography friends.
      We are all beginners at heart, that is where all the excitement lies.

      Really appreciate it!


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