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A\MARELLI x Chapman Camera Bag

Made in the England

Camera bags…the most loved and hated accessory a photographer can own.  Camera bags always feel like the victims of “design by committee.”  They are the best-average solution.  In making my own camera bags, my aim was to bring a singular vision back to everything I use, one object at a time.  I started with camera bags and next it will be camera straps.  What I did not expect was that so many people would enjoy the uniqueness of my designs.

The first round of bags I made with Slow Tools was only ever intended to be a short run.  The logistics of their operation in Japan and my very small production numbers meant that only a few people would ever get the bags.  Each one was individually numbered and included a hand written card.  But week after week, requests for the bags continued.  Based on your enthusiasm, I decided to do another round.  But this time with English manufacturer Chapman Bags.

Outfitters of hunting and game bags, Chapman is top notch.  Their parachute webbing and heavy duty fabrics (18-24oz.), meant that I could have a new set of options for another bag.  And most importantly, their bags fit the natural aesthetic we all love.  The bags feel at home in the field and can easily hang over the shoulder of a blazer or sweater and not feel like a piece of camping gear.  My friends who have to photograph watch events like SIHH and Basel will be excited.

Chapman’s factory is set in Cumbria in the heart of pastoral northern England.  Almost everything they produce is made in house. They still use paper templates for each of their designs.  Chapman are the type of craftsmen that we visit during a workshop and I photograph professionally…by which I mean real artisans.

Here is a video preview of their work and a taste of what you can expect from the new A/MARELLI x Chapman Camera bag.  If you are interested in being added to the “Please Notify” list, drop us an email here and we will keep you updated.






  12 Responses to “Sneak Peek: A\MARELLI x Chapman Camera Bag”

  1. Looks awesome! I got the Slow Tools bag based on your write-up and love it (had have it mailed to a friend and Japan and then pick it up when I was there). You were absolutely correct about it being the perfect (for me anyway) bag — I hate padded camera looking bags and the stye and workmanship were just what I was looking for. For some reason people sometimes seemed shocked that for walking around and taking pictures I don’t need a giant padded bag that would survive being dropped out of an airplane.

    Your version looks great and will definitely recommend it.

    • Hi Justin,

      Thank you for the endorsement. Glad to hear that you are on the same “no padding” page as me.

      We might be a minority in the photo world, but last time I check Cartier-Bresson did not need a padded bag and he went all over the world. Worked for him, it worked for me and also works for you. : )


  2. I’d like to be kept updated re you camera bag .
    I am looking for a bag my present experiences of trying to source one mirrors yours .
    Thanks for you help and time
    Ps like you web site
    Kind regards from over the pond in the uk


  3. bag, bag, bag, I don’t get it. Ain’t you going around with the camera in your hand? So what’s the camera bag for, then other lenses you might use? Why don’t you use the one on the camera? Charger? Why not a 2nd battery instead and a Storage card, all you need aside from that is a cloth to clean up your cam now and then.

    • Dear Carlos,

      When I go out for the day shooting, I often bring a camera with a lens, a small notebook, my phone, headphones and often a book to read. It all depends.

      There are times when I go out with only a camera, but especially when Im abroad there are a few other things I carry, thus the camera bag.

      Im not sure what part you did not understand?


  4. Hello Adam M. I am very interested in the Chapman Camera Bag. I view camera bags as you do, don’t want a cumbersome, padded bag that weighs a lot, and I can use like a tote ( looks good) too! I enjoy your videos and am a new Leica enthusiast! Thank you and happy shooting…

  5. Hello Adam, is there any way I could purchase or order the Slow Tools medium camera bag, I really like the size and look, functionality! I just left an email about the new Chapman camera bag, but would prefer the Slow tools. Thank you….

  6. Dear Adam, I’m really interested about the Adam Marelli x Slow Tools Small Shoulder Bag. Is it possible to add me to the list for the next round. Best Dimitris

  7. Got my bag. Thank you.
    It’s all ai could hope for.
    I appreciate the work you must have put in to make it available to the rest of us.

    I appreciate your postsm and I love the bag!

    Over the years I have gone to many well known West Coast photographers’ workshops.
    What I have read on your website has opened a new insight into the Art of photography absent in many workshops I’ve attended except for Bruce Barnbaum’s.

    Bruce had me make 25 prints one after another, giving a critique after each one until I got to the point where I said, “do I really want to do this?” and I didn’t for 10 years. He made his point, and I am grateful for what he did – although I didn’t recognize it at the time. I was pissed!
    Now I’m a bit older and wiser. Thanks, Bruce.

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