Jun 272016

Coming Soon

The summer is off to a quiet start or so it seems. The workshops in Italy (Florence and Matera) went fantastically well, but back in NYC most of the action has been behind the scenes. There is a new website in the works and it will be released next month. After nearly 5 years of adammarelliphoto.com and over +1,500,000 unique visitors it is time for a refresh.

A complete artistic resource for photographers

When I started the site, there was no long term vision. It was an experiment to see if photographers were interested in the lessons and observations from the world of art. Most people told me it was too complicated. They said stick to writing reviews and making top 10 lists. That is what photographers want. And while there is a large audience who read photo websites like they are Buzzfeed quizzes, there is another, more thoughtful group.

That group is you…and as I suspected there are more curious, art-minded photographers out there than the photo world thinks. Which is why, after 5 years of articles, videos, and comments, I feel like we know each other well enough to rebuild the site with our interests in mind.

The New Site

What will you find on the new site? The aim is to be a resource of artistic knowledge for photographers. And one of the major steps in doing that is making the site and the back articles easier to navigate. This way, you can quickly read up on an array of subjects without having to go through miles of “blog-style-entries” or tags. Easy, simple, and rich were the words at the forefront of my mind when I designed the site.

Additionally, there will be a dedicated video page for both free and online classes…all in one place.

But what will happen to adammarelliphoto.com? For the time being, nothing. All of the content will stay. Some of it will get migrated to the new site, but everything you enjoyed reading, from articles on Eugene Smith to the Surrealist’s Manifesto will still be accessible here.

I’d like to thank EVERYONE for your patience and support. This website continues to bring together a fascinating combination of photographers and travelers, who share common approaches to leading interesting lives. I expect the new site will make that process even easier.

In the days leading up to the release, I will be posting a collection of pictures from our recent travels to Florence and Matera (along with the camera settings) for you to enjoy. Hopefully it reveals a bit about my process of Natural-light shooting and how good pictures don’t need to be complicated.

New site will be live next month, with an announcement here. Stay Tuned!


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  6 Responses to “Coming Soon: New AM Workshops Website”

  1. Your observations about art is what drew me to your site. When I was in college (a very long time ago) I dated an modern abstract painter. But I didn’t like her paintings, so I felt obliged to learn, and find a language to express my discontent about the work. The end result was to fall in love with all kinds of painting. This love and understanding has continued to inform my seeing and my photography.

  2. Looking forward to the new site, Adam. The current one, your lessons, and your YT videos are amongst my favourite photography resources out there. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great Adam. Looking forward to the new website. I love you approach towards photography and have been learning great deal just by reading your articles. Thanks for all your effort and keep up all the good work that you do.

  4. Thank you Amrish!

    We are just doing finishing touches…stay tuned!


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