Aug 162016
The new page

The new page

We have OFFICIALLY moved to

Welcome to the new A/M Workshops Website

Built from the ground up just for you

Since 2010 I launched an online effort to connect photographers to their creative roots through the lessons of art and exploration.  In the beginning, almost everyone I talked to said to just do gear reviews and Top 10 lists.  They said those were the articles that got the most traffic and clicks are more important than connection.  I saw things differently and so did you.  The proof lies in the 1,500,000 page views on the original site and the 450,000+ views on YouTube.  Intelligent, creative photographers like you, want to use the lessons of art to expand their horizons and I’m right there with you.

This is why, I decided to rebuild the site from scratch.  I’d like to give you a brief guided tour to show you around and let you know how the site will make everything easier for you and also a bit more enjoyable.

Tips and techniques

Tips and techniques

The resource you have all been asking for

Tips + Techniques

One of the things that bugs me about blogs is that good content gets buried and you can never find it again.  I designed the Tips + Techniques page so that you can select the topics you’d like to study, all filed under major categories we seek to improve.

  • Art for Everyone:  All of the lessons from great artists translated into a language that photographers can easily read and apply to their own work.  They did not work for centuries for nothing…they wanted to pass their knowledge on to you and that is what we will do here.
  • Color Theory:  This is a science and one that photographers struggle to master.  In this section, I will break down the tools of scientists and master artists so you can get a firm grasp on how to use, manage, and adjust the color in your photography.
  • Composition:  We all want to speak the language of composition, but how can we use something more sophisticated that the Rule of Thirds…read here to find out more.
  • Creative Strategy:  The “starving artist” is a myth.  Creativity done right can be fulfilling, profitable, and successful.  We will look at the best practical approaches to mastering Creativity.
  • Hidden Treasures:  In my many travels, there are undiscovered gems, cultures, and treasures that fly under the radar.  We will look at these unique finds and map out the best route to get you there.
  • Lighting:  Natural light is the greatest gift the universe created for photographers.  In this section we will look at how and why finding light is a critical skill that every photograph can learn for themselves.
  • Photo Philosophy:  Maybe with a glass of wine or from the bow of an 80’ sailboat, this is where we reflect on what we do and why we do it.  In Photo Philosophy we will discuss the meaning behind our approaches to art, life, and creativity because you know what our good friend Plato said, “The unexamined life is…not worth living.”

3 Tips and Techniques 2



Galleries from around the globe

I will be the first to admit that I never get all of my professional work up on the site.  It has bugged me for years.  Photography is meant to be shared.  It is something I wanted to fix so that you can use the pictures as a guide for your learning, as a map for your next adventure, or for your own viewing pleasure.  In this section, you will be able to follow my projects and workshop shoots year round.  They will be updated quarterly with new work and unpublished series from my archives.

4 Portfolio



Speaking of travel

For those of you who would like to explore Culture with me, side by side, the new workshop pages are for you.  Each location from Europe to Asia is laid out with itinerary details and previews of what you can look forward to in each workshop.  And if you can’t join us there, check out the One on One Program for an individualized learning experience that has attracted photographers from over 70 countries world wide.

5 Workshops


Publication Schedule

Your weekly reader

We all lead busy lives.  Whether it is work, family, or our relentless ambitions for something better, time might be our greatest treasure.  For this reason, I wanted to make the site and the publications as efficient as possible.  New articles will be published twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday.  We’ve added a subscription option at the bottom, where you will receive monthly updates and offers before they go live on the website.  It is a great way to get in on limited offers of products and prints, which keep selling out.  (Note:  I do not share, sell, or distribute your email or send you anything other than what you asked for.  If you ever want to take a break, there is an unsubscribe button and we will always welcome you back.)

6 Videos



Best explained in person

Some things are best explained in person, which is why there is a new video section.  It contains all of my videos from free content on YouTube to the classes where I teach you to see like an artist on Udemy.

7 Contact


A personal note

Some of you know that photography represents only a portion of my professional work.  Many of my other roles as a speaker on Creativity & Entrepreneurship or an Image Strategy Advisor for companies, foreign governments, and art institutions never had a place to live on the old site.  I wanted to open up these other parts of my artistic life so that you might be encouraged to expand your ideas of what artist do and how we interact in the world at large.

There are 3 expandable sections, just hit the (+) to read more.


If you have an idea for an article, collaboration, or have a question about something on the site, drop me a line.

Over the years, I’ve received countless touching notes about how the website or the videos has helped a photographer who I’ve never even met develop.  It is a huge honor and I always love to hear from readers.

Time to enjoy yourself

Lastly, as we embark on this next phase of the A/M Workshops journey together, I’d like to thank everyone for joining me.  The website, the One on One’s, and the workshops continue to bring together an amazing group of people who share a passion for exploring the uncharted spaces and cultures that Creativity shapes around the world.

See you on the new site!



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  4 Responses to “We have OFFICIALLY moved to”

  1. Hello Adam,

    I mentioned a while ago I would take a few days to think of you offer to set up a series of one on one as a preparation for your Florence workshop next May. A few… weeks later, I am happy to finally tell you I would definitely like to arrange something of that sort with you.

    I do have several questions I would like to ask regarding how this could work and be arranged and I will write to you a more detailed message later today, but I was thinking basically, if possible, of a five sessions package from January to May… to be in perfect shape right in time for that Italian spring photographic experience.

    I am totally aware that you are just about to start you fall workshops and that it will probably be quite busy for you in the near future. So, I will just wait patiently for your answer to my more detailed message… For now though, I just hope I am still on your mailing list so that I am made aware as soon as possible of the Florence dates for next spring in order to make sure I can secure a place as soon as they come out…

    Hope you have a great time in Italy and Japan !


  2. Congrats on your success. I would like to follow. Thanks.

  3. Hello Adam this is Rosie from the Photovillage . We found the lens hood with the cap for the Elmarit 28mm f/2.8 (brand-new) $159

    We found also the cap brand new for $40

    Both items brand new from Leica

    call me anytime 2129891252

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