Feb 152016
The buttons you won't find on any camera: Patience

The buttons you won’t find on any camera N° 1  Patience There are a few buttons that you will not find on any camera.  If they were there, the photography world would be a much different place.  There is no company that can invent them.  There is no technology that can capture them.  And there [more...]

Jan 262016
What can we learn: Movie Composition

What can we learn: Movie Composition The other day, I spotted an article about the 70 Most Beautiful Cinematic Shots, and I wanted to see what techniques directors use in movies that we can use in our photographs.  People often say that they would like their “Pictures to tell a story.”  So what better place [more...]

Dec 092015
What did Japanese art do to photography: Part 2

What did Japanese art do to photography: Part 2  Japanese woodblock prints The Group Why do we photograph random groups of people? Have you ever wondered why street photography has become so popular?  Why are there endless shots of people in bus windows, waiting for trains, or walking to work?  Have we all taken a [more...]

Nov 292015
What did Japanese art do to photography: Part 1

What did Japanese art do to photography: Part 1 Japanese woodblock prints The Umbrella Have you ever wondered why photographers take pictures of umbrellas?  You only have to look online for a few minutes to see that umbrellas seem to make good subjects, but why?  Why are photographers so interested in making pictures with umbrellas?  [more...]

Feb 252015
Dan Flavin: Pilgrimage to Light

Dan Flavin A pilgrimage to light DAN FLAVIN INSTITUTE   Rarely discussed in the photography world, artist Dan Flavin did not wait for good light, he created it.  His minimalist light installations combine elements of architecture, sculpture, and early technology.  While photographers spend most of their lives chasing light, Flavin turned the tables on art [more...]

Aug 262014
Natural Light Portraits

Natural Light Portraits Anytime, anywhere New York City, USA   Introduction Every morning, from the Scottish Highlands to the Cape of Good Hope, we are gifted with natural light from the sun.  From pole to pole, sunlight has a million faces.  It changes temperature and intensity like a moody king.  It is, without question, the [more...]

Jul 292014
A Room for Improvement Release

A Room for Improvement by Adam Marelli Artistic Vision for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Udemy Platform   Introduction At the beginning of the year, I got a call from Udemy, the online education platform.  They asked if I had ever thought of doing an online video program for photography.  While I would have loved to take [more...]

Feb 242014
INSPIRATION: Piet Mondrian

Inspiration: Piet Mondrian The Slow Fade “GONE FISHING”   Introduction Our brains make powerful associations with shapes, colors, and patterns.  We are visual beings who are programmed, to a lesser extent, to make meaning of the things we see.  But how does an artist make visual contributions if they see the same things as an [more...]

Sep 292012
Alex Webb & M. C. Escher

Alex Webb & M.C. Escher Masters of Confusion [ UNDERSTANDING THE MODULE ] The secret to becoming a Master is making things which are very  difficult look easy.  Escher is the  grandfather of perfectly organized  chaos.  Inside his maze of stairs or  tangled lizards lie important lessons on how to take the chaos of life [more...]

May 022012
Henri Cartier-Bresson vs Ferdinando Scianna

Copying is not Enough An appretice’s life in a studio meant copying the work of  a master artist.  But copying alone does not guarantee an understanding of design.  We need to bring “information to bear” as we organize the  chaos of life into a successful image.    Art versus Xerox In the 1500’s, when a [more...]