Apr 092014
Eric Chevallier: The Blacksmith's Apprentice

Eric Chevallier The Blacksmith’s Apprentice NHK WORLD  Introduction Three years ago, when I started the body of work “Lost Ceremony,” I met Eric Chevallier and his girlfriend in Tokyo for dinner.  Along with my girlfriend, we sat for a bowl of steaming ramen and two very cold beers.  We exchanged the pleasantries that are common [more...]

Mar 212014
The Explorer's Club

The Explorer’s Club New Member Adam MARELLI Introduction Seven or eight years ago, I was watching a show on a young Australian photographer who planned to fly over the North Pole and take aerial photographs of the frozen landscape.  At the time, he was an unknown quantity, hardly fit for news reels or knighthood.  His [more...]

Mar 192014
Rob Lemmon: Leica Monochrom

Rob Lemmon The Violin Maker Paris FRANCE Introduction Photographers fall into one of two camps: those who need to get closer to their subjects and those who need to take a few steps back.  In photography, you set the standards by which your picture is judged.  There is no golden rule like, “You should always [more...]

Jan 212014
Danny Lyon Domino Players

Danny Lyon Domino Players Why Style Matters Introduction How do you see the world? Does your vision feel unique and what can that mean to someone else?  These are questions every artist and photographer wrestles with on a daily basis because without meaning, art is nothing more than decoration.  But some days it’s better to [more...]

Jan 132014
Misaki Matsui Music Video

Misaki MATSUI The Crossover Kobe to New York City Introductions The people I meet over a cocktail and a handshake never cease to amaze me.  The path that leads from first introductions to colleagues and then friends is hard to trace.  In our busy lives there are faces that pass through without a second thought.  [more...]

Jan 082014
Buying Cameras and Lenses

Buying Cameras and Lenses Simple. Smart. Economical. The obstacle of gear and accessories   Gear Use what you’ve got Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you for checking back in my absence.  The last few weeks have been sprinkled with a combination of holidays and a stomach bug.  As a result, the computer has not seen [more...]

Dec 122013
Autumn Color featured artist: Adam Marelli

Autumn Color Featured Artist: Adam Marelli by Jay Holtzman A note from Adam: A few months back a One on One student, Jay Holtzman invited me to be a featured artist  for the New England printing house Autumn Color.  Jay was initially attracted to my approach to photography through Classical Art.  As a compliment to [more...]

Nov 252013
Wes Anderson in Italy: Castello Cavalcanti

Wes Anderson in Italy: Castello Cavalcanti for Prada staring Jason Schwarzman The Italian Caffé How many of you have travelled to Italy in hopes of finding the perfect caffé?  If you could design it from scratch what would the caffé look like?  Possibly a dimly lit street scene where the sign over the door glows [more...]

Nov 222013
Italian Law & Street Photography

Italian Law & Street Photography What are you allowed to shoot? by Andrea Monti Note from Adam: A few weeks back a reader of the website said he wrote an article on the legality of street photography in Italy.  Andrea Monti, who is a Italian lawyer with a growing interest in photography put together the [more...]