Oct 122015
In good hands:  Adam Marelli interviewed on Contemporary Standard

Adam Marelli interviewed on Contemporary Standard M i l a n  /  I T A L Y A view on craftsmanship First, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience.  Before leaving for Italy the “to do” list went from full to off-the-wall-packed.  As always it is in good fun, but the posts that I [more...]

Aug 112015
Interview: Moushumee Jha "The Insider"

Interview: Moushumee Jha “The Insider”   01  Just to give the readers a bit of background, we met through Art Photo Feature and the “Finding Light” competition …Instantly I noticed your sensitivity to light, but that is just the beginning.  Could you tell us more about the photography you make and what sets it apart? [more...]

Jul 222015
Photographer at Large: Dirk Heyman with Philippe Dufour

Photographer at Large: Dirk Heyman with Philippe Dufour Philippe Dufour L e  S o l l i a t  /  S W I T Z E R L A N D Horlogerie Compliquée On a miserable grey and cold day (March 29) with storm warning 3 (in a scale up to 5), I had the [more...]

Jun 292015
Photographer at Large: Indrajit Khambe

Photographer at Large: Indrajit Khambe How to shoot an emotional moment   Adam’s Note How much distance can we put between the camera and our subject?  Is it a matter that can be measured in feet and meters or is the distance an invisible emotion that ties us to a moment? When Indrajit, a reader [more...]

Apr 072015
Over a cup of tea: Origin Magazine

Over a cup of Tea Origin of Lost Ceremony J  A  P  A  N Adam’s Note: When I returned from the first round of shooting Lost Ceremony in Japan, I wrote and illustrated an article for Origin Magazine that has not yet been shared online.  After three years, three exhibitions, and an upcoming book project, [more...]

Mar 122015
Fear & Creativity Panel at SXSW Austin

Fear & Creativity Panel at SXSW Austin Finding Your Craft SUNDAY MARCH 15 Finding Your Craft Once a year, I leave the world of the sane and enter the SXSW techno-scape.  SXSW (short for South by South West) is a strange place.  Everything is so connected that after a few hours all I want is an old [more...]

Mar 062015
A Recovering DSLR User: William Bright

Recovering DSLR USER William Bright LEICA M240   Hello. My name is William Bright and I’m a recovering DSLR user. For the last twenty years, photography has been a big part of my identity, but recently I began to wonder why it was that I took fewer and fewer photos, despite having some really great [more...]

Mar 042015
Do what you Love: OeO Thomas Lykke & Anne-Marie Buemann

Do what you Love OEO Thomas Lykke & Anne-Marie Buemann BY ADAM MARELLI   01 Recently you finished a new showroom for the family run flooring company, Dinesen.  The space feels more like a home and less like a showroom.  Many people don’t think of floors as anything special because they are always under our feet.  [more...]