Mar 072016
Your Questions Answered:  What do you think about when you take a picture?

Dear Adam,  Hmm… As I’ve told you before, your Bridging the Gap video lesson really reset my ways of searching for scenes-can’t stop recommending it to others! Your introduction of the visual language helped me starting to discover its different elements when studying photographs of others. It’s so much easier now to decide whether a [more...]

Mar 012016
Your Questions Answered:  How to find a documentary project?

Your Questions Answered:  How to find a documentary project? A question from photographer Devashish Hello Adam, I wanted to ask you about something. I am a journalism student, and am trying to do documentary projects but am unable to find the right thing, have been thinking since last few months but can’t seem to be [more...]

Feb 192016
The life of an Apprentice: Merchant & Makers

The life of an Apprentice: Merchant & Makers Eric Chevallier apprentice to Master Metal-Smith Yasuhiro Hirakawa of Sasuke Smith Ever wondered what it would be like to be an apprentice?  Maybe you’ve fantasized about an alternate universe where you devoted every working minute to the perfection of your craft.  For a small number of young, [more...]

Feb 162016
Why do I press the shutter

Why do I press that shutter button? by Bill Tracy Fellow photographer and writer Bill Tracy put together an delightful article that asks a number of well known photographers “Why they press that shutter button?” It was an honor to contribute along side other photographers like Joe McNally and Joel Meyerowitz.  Unlike the gravitational trend [more...]

Feb 152016
The buttons you won't find on any camera: Patience

The buttons you won’t find on any camera N° 1  Patience There are a few buttons that you will not find on any camera.  If they were there, the photography world would be a much different place.  There is no company that can invent them.  There is no technology that can capture them.  And there [more...]

Feb 082016
Is this proof that Photographers see differently than Non-Photographers?

Canon’s experiment shows how obsessed photographers are over the details While this makes for a great blog title, it does not reflect what the Canon video is actually about.  What do I mean? How we see is one of those endless human debates like: Does society need religion? Are all people equal? Was it a [more...]

Feb 022016
A Philosophy on Editing

Philosophy on editing a photograph Introduction In light of the recent “Nikon airplane contest disaster” I thought it would be worth writing a short philosophy on editing.  The view that each photographer takes on editing must be developed individually.  It is an ethical attempt at your own practice which will inevitably change over time.  Perfect [more...]

Jan 182016
The New Kyoto Craft Movement

A Fresh Start for Tradition In 2012 a small group of Kyoto based craftsmen teamed up with the Danish design studio OEO to create Japan Handmade.  Their aim was to bring the best of traditional Japanese crafts to a more international market, while retaining the integrity of each workshop.  The culmination of their work was [more...]

Jan 122016
Design your own shoot in Japan: Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts

Design your own shoot in Japan Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts Hidden away from street level is the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts.  Like many of Japan’s treasures, it is not so easy to find.  But part of the fun of traveling in Japan is the quest to find things hidden in plain sight.  The [more...]