Mar 062015
A Recovering DSLR User: William Bright

Recovering DSLR USER William Bright LEICA M240   Hello. My name is William Bright and I’m a recovering DSLR user. For the last twenty years, photography has been a big part of my identity, but recently I began to wonder why it was that I took fewer and fewer photos, despite having some really great [more...]

Sep 222014
Leica M60 + 35mm Summilux Release

Leica M60 Release Life without a screen GERMANY   Introduction Leica is a changed company.  The German lens and camera designers used to trickle out new goods at an analog pace.  The costs of new product development are astounding and while larger companies would release an array of new cameras and lenses twice a year, [more...]

May 022014
Leica T System

Leica T System German Humor THE MOST BORING VIDEO EVER   Introduction As a frequent traveller, I have developed expectations of different countries around the globe.  Every country has its strengths and weaknesses.  Germany is no exception.  They are known for the relentless pursuit of precision, delicious beer, mediocre cuisine, and a sense of humor [more...]

Aug 102012
Leica M10

Leica M10 Potential Hits & Misses [ SOLMS ] The rumors are already flying around the internet.  With whispers that Leica is releasing a follow up to the M9.  Will Leica cave to  market pressure or serve their  faithful client base when they release the follow up to their  most successful camera ever.    What [more...]

Dec 152010
Used M7 For Sale

Leica M7 Titanium & 50mm Summilux Special edition cameras can be hit or miss.  With their fancy wraps, special metals, and custom engravings, Leica’s special editions command much higher prices than normal production models. But every now and again, opportunities align and expensive cameras come to market at great prices. -Leica M7 Titan & 50mm [more...]