Mar 212014
Rammy Narula: Life is an Act

Rammy Narula Life is an Act Bangkok THAILAND   Introduction It’s with great pleasure that I would like to announce that One on One and Adam Marelli Workshop alumnus Rammy Narula will be having his first exhibition in Bangkok in April.  Well beyond the confines of both programs, Rammy has worked tirelessly to develop a [more...]

Jan 092014
Danny Lyon: Murals and Montages

Danny Lyon Opening Edwynn Houk Gallery  Saturday January 11th, 2014   A Note from Adam… This Saturday Edwynn Houk will be hosting a reception for photographer Danny Lyon at their Fifth Avenue location, 745 5th Ave to be exact.  I’m looking forward to going because it’s always nice to catch up with Danny.  He and [more...]

Feb 152013
Adam Marelli "Lost Ceremony"

ADAM MARELLI “Lost Ceremony” IMPOSSIBLE Project New York City “Lost Ceremony” Features The Standard Edition [ U S A ]: The 189 [ E N G L A N D ]: Exhibition Announcement “Lost Ceremony” is part of Adam Marelli’s multi year study on the uncertain future of ancient traditions. Personally fascinated by the philosophy [more...]

Nov 152012
Brief Encounters: Gregory Crewdson

Brief Encounters: Gregory Crewdson –Its all in the Details Photography is renown for its spontaneity and ability to capture  a fleeting moment.  In the race  to the finish line, many photographers forget that the little details matter.  Follow Gregory Crewdson as he  shows us how attention to detail  can transform the most ordinary  scene into [more...]

Apr 042012
This World Is Not My Home: Danny Lyon Photographs

The Menil Collection  [ HOUSTON/TEXAS ] Last week the Menil Collection opened an exhibition devoted to Danny Lyon.  The impressive thing to consider is the Menil Collection rarely shows photographers.  They are generally devoted to painting and sculpture, which makes this a big honor for Danny’s work to be featured in their space.  I have [more...]

Aug 292011
Peter Van Agtmael

Milk Gallery [ Magnum In Motion ] “This is probably the most important  work I will do in my life.”  These were  the opening words of Peter Van Agtmael   last Thursday night at the Milk Gallery.   Over the next hour Peter lead us through his  daily life covering wars in the  Middle East [more...]

Apr 272011
Leica Gallery Review: Nicholas Vreeland

–From the Roof of the World Before he left for the monastery all of his camera equipment was stolen. Living off of the insurance money, Nicholas Vreeland adopted the spartan life of a monk. Until one day someone loaned him a camera and he began to explore his new life from the inside out. Nature’s [more...]

Apr 202011
Leica Gallery: Nicholas Vreeland

Return To The Roof Of The World Tomorrow night the Leica Gallery will be exhibiting the new work by Tibetan Monk Nicholas Vreeland curated by Elizabeth Avedon. Rite of Spring Whether you are just in town for vacation or emerging from a winter hibernation, the Leica Gallery has a surprise in store for everyone.  Join [more...]