Apr 032014
Bellerby & Co. Globemakers

Bellerby & Co. GLOBEMAKERS – London – Introduction Why do we travel?  What could possibly convince us to leave the comforts of home for the inhospitable messes we call airports?  On the other side of the long lines, tiny bathrooms, and screaming children (both infant and adults) we find ourselves transported to places where our [more...]

Mar 042014
Workshops, Talks, & Exhibitions

Workshops, Talks, & Exhibitions –Updates from the Studio NEW YORK CITY  Introduction The year is off to a great start.  Not all years start out with this much momentum.  January can feel like an extension of a New Year’s hangover, while at other times it feels like the difference between taking off in a prop [more...]

Feb 102014
Artist + Curator Seminar Wrap Up

Artist + Curator Seminar Follow Up This is the story of six photographers… ADAM MARELLI’S STUDIO  Weekend Wrap Up  New programs are always exciting.  I have never offered a photography program where we don’t actually shoot pictures.  It might sound crazy, but I have found that many, many photographers don’t actually have difficulty taking good [more...]

Jan 312014
The Artist + Curator Seminar with Adam Marelli and Susan Bright

The Artist + Curator Seminar with Adam Marelli and Susan Bright ( only 1 space left ) Why do we take pictures? Whenever I ask this question, I get three answers: “I want my pictures to tell a story.” “I want to show my unique view of the world.” “I want to find the beauty [more...]

Jan 232014
Photography Workshop Florence, Italy with Adam Marelli + Leica Store Miami

Workshop Addition 2014 Florence // ITALY Adam Marelli + Leica Miami Why Florence After a successful workshop in Prague last year, Leica Store Miami + Adam Marelli Workshops wanted to keep the European adventures rolling.  This year we will be hosting a workshop in Florence, Italy’s artistic mecca.  Home to the Renaissance’s most innovative creations [more...]

Dec 162013
Shuji Nakagawa’s World

Shuji Nakagawa’s World  Kyoto Workshop Working in small spaces A Workshop Development After the workshop in Venice, I brought one of the workshop attendees, Fabio Gambini,  as I photographed inside of the workshop of Roberto Tramontin.  He is a gondola builder and namesake of Tramontin & Figli, which was started in 1884 by his great [more...]

Dec 022013
Adam Marelli Workshop Testimonial: Kyoto

Adam Marelli Workshop Testimonial Kyoto Japan by Michelle Leung Beyond Expectations The day before the Kyoto workshop, I was shuffling around the Anteroom Hotel lounge in my slippers when a woman stopped me and said with an Australian accent, “Adam! I’m Michelle.”  We started chatting and ended up gaining enough momentum that if I did [more...]

Sep 132013
One on One Photography Sessions with Adam Marelli

ONE-ON-ONE PHOTOGRAPHY SESSIONS —with Adam Marelli  Has your photography hit a rough patch? Do you feel like you could be a better  photographer, but you are just not sure  what to change?  This One-on-One  program was designed to give you a  confidence, authority, and flexibility to  progress to the next level.     Finding Our [more...]

Sep 102013
Momotaro Jeans

Momotaro Jeans Kojima Japan by Adam Marelli  Simplicity Yves Saint Laurent once lamented that he was not the inventor of the “blue jean.”  A garment so versatile and influential that it is more commonly used than canned tuna around the globe.  Jeans might be the most democratic piece of clothing in any wardrobe.  For the [more...]