Jun 242011
YOUR SHOT [ 004 ]

Marco Rodarte-Elias “I like it, but not sure why” Have you ever taken a picture and liked it, but were not sure why?  When it comes to explaining why we like pictures, the conversation gets a bit murky.  Sometimes we can recognize a good picture, but find it hard to explain. On The Beach While [more...]

May 042011
Your Shot [003] Updated

Can Cropping Save And Image? Last week Knut Skjærven opened a discussion on Facebook about the cropping a photograph into either a square or a Divine Rectangle.  By the time everyone chimed in, the field was split.  There was no clear winner, but no one had touched on the geometries that govern each shape.   The [more...]

Jan 242011
Your Shot [002]

Valery Titievsky A Russian Journal The balance between embracing the future and preserving the past is always on the verge of collapse. After World War II, a generation of Russian men were missing.  Young women filled the empty boots of farmers, technicians, managers, and fathers who died in the war. Sixty five years later, I [more...]

Jan 052011
New Category: "Your Shots"

F 1.4 from Leica Images Every morning I check two websites for new images.  Leica Images and LFi’s Online gallery have some of the finest, user submitted, pictures on the planet.  I wanted to take a moment to discuss why these pictures are so successful. -F 1.4 aka Dustan Osborn Coming back from India, my [more...]