Nov 292015
What did Japanese art do to photography: Part 1

What did Japanese art do to photography: Part 1 Japanese woodblock prints The Umbrella Have you ever wondered why photographers take pictures of umbrellas?  You only have to look online for a few minutes to see that umbrellas seem to make good subjects, but why?  Why are photographers so interested in making pictures with umbrellas?  [more...]

Nov 232015
One on One photo session in Central Park

Back in New York City BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE ONE ON ONE SESSIONS For the last few weeks everything has started with a bow, been eaten with chopsticks, and ended with more bows.  The trip to Japan was, once again, a brilliant time.  The shoots from the workshops will be coming out over the [more...]

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Oct 222015
Is this street photography?

What makes a “street photograph?” By Adam Marelli Any attempt to create a comprehensive definition of street photography is bound to start an argument.  I have watched entire comment threads flame out and degenerate into murderous threats over the definition of “Street Photography.”  As as far as I can tell, we are no closer to [more...]

Oct 192015
Photographer at Large: Michael Thiaener, A shift in perspective

Architecture, Purpose and Interaction Note from Adam: Anyone who reads the blog regularly knows that I am a huge advocate of mentors.  I’m not talking about slavish devotion or fan-boy admiration of someone.  That won’t do anything for your photography.  Mentorship is about working together to achieve your new goals, not just reinforcing the success [more...]

Oct 162015
A\M Workshop Alumni Success Story: Harald Claessen

Photography fulfills many roles for each of us.  It can be a way to unwind from work, a creative outlet for a spirit we always knew we had, or an excuse to spend idiotic amounts of time comparing tools that all basically do the same thing.  Regardless of your goals, the thing we all have [more...]

Oct 142015
A black and white approach to the Faroe Islands

A black and white approach to the Faroe Islands By Bjarni Mohr Maybe you’ve seen them – the colorful pictures of the Faroe Islands on different online sites, blogs and other social media. Last year the tourist board, VisitFaroeIslands, launched a massive campaign urging people to share their colorful pictures of the Faroe Islands. The reason [more...]