Feb 102014
Artist + Curator Seminar Wrap Up

Artist + Curator Seminar Follow Up This is the story of six photographers… ADAM MARELLI’S STUDIO  Weekend Wrap Up  New programs are always exciting.  I have never offered a photography program where we don’t actually shoot pictures.  It might sound crazy, but I have found that many, many photographers don’t actually have difficulty taking good [more...]

Feb 042014
Kaikado at the Victoria Albert Museum

Kaikado at the Victoria Albert Museum London / ENGLAND – An eye towards the future   Introduction The slump of global economies has made for hard times.  The lifespan of companies large and small remains uncertain.  In a climate where survival is key, my approach has always been to go against the conservative.  While most companies [more...]

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Jan 312014
The Artist + Curator Seminar with Adam Marelli and Susan Bright

The Artist + Curator Seminar with Adam Marelli and Susan Bright ( only 1 space left ) Why do we take pictures? Whenever I ask this question, I get three answers: “I want my pictures to tell a story.” “I want to show my unique view of the world.” “I want to find the beauty [more...]

Jan 232014
Photography Workshop Florence, Italy with Adam Marelli + Leica Store Miami

Workshop Addition 2014 Florence // ITALY Adam Marelli + Leica Miami Why Florence After a successful workshop in Prague last year, Leica Store Miami + Adam Marelli Workshops wanted to keep the European adventures rolling.  This year we will be hosting a workshop in Florence, Italy’s artistic mecca.  Home to the Renaissance’s most innovative creations [more...]

Jan 212014
Danny Lyon Domino Players

Danny Lyon Domino Players Why Style Matters Introduction How do you see the world? Does your vision feel unique and what can that mean to someone else?  These are questions every artist and photographer wrestles with on a daily basis because without meaning, art is nothing more than decoration.  But some days it’s better to [more...]

Jan 132014
Misaki Matsui Music Video

Misaki MATSUI The Crossover Kobe to New York City Introductions The people I meet over a cocktail and a handshake never cease to amaze me.  The path that leads from first introductions to colleagues and then friends is hard to trace.  In our busy lives there are faces that pass through without a second thought.  [more...]

Jan 092014
Danny Lyon: Murals and Montages

Danny Lyon Opening Edwynn Houk Gallery  Saturday January 11th, 2014   A Note from Adam… This Saturday Edwynn Houk will be hosting a reception for photographer Danny Lyon at their Fifth Avenue location, 745 5th Ave to be exact.  I’m looking forward to going because it’s always nice to catch up with Danny.  He and [more...]

Jan 082014
Buying Cameras and Lenses

Buying Cameras and Lenses Simple. Smart. Economical. The obstacle of gear and accessories   Gear Use what you’ve got Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you for checking back in my absence.  The last few weeks have been sprinkled with a combination of holidays and a stomach bug.  As a result, the computer has not seen [more...]

Dec 192013
Adam Marelli's Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide The non-gear wish list –FOR THE WORLD TRAVELER IN ALL OF US   Travel Essentials This year I logged just under 100,000 miles flying this year…that’s not award points but actual in seat miles.  Between projects, shoots, and workshops a good portion of every month has been spent living with a select [more...]