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  1. Hi Adam any room left on thyv26th Leica workshop
    If so please let me know

    • Hey John,

      Both Leica workshops are sold out. But they may add another one in June. After that there will be a workshop over Labor Day (NYC), mid September (Venice & Verona Italy), Oct Halloween (NYC), and possibly one for New Years. I am not sure if people want to shoot over New Years or would prefer to wait for the first week in Jan.


  2. Dear Adam,

    I have only just begun reading your photography / art assesments. Your piece on Henry Cartier Bresson is the very best I have read about his style of photography so far. The aspect of flatness in his pictures is something that I have “felt” for some time, but never have read so convincingly. Chapeau! Here’s my promise / and suggestion: I’ll buy that 58 US$ art and photography fine art analysis book (make sure it has some well printed reproductions, too) Leica, I would assume, could be helpful in finding an appropriate publishing company…

    Otherwise, please sign me up for the next seminar. Or have a weekly art piece analysis on a pay site. I would happily pay a dollar / euro for that. Build up a community of 1000 photographers doing the same and you have a decent addition to your income. Accept guest critics, share 50% of the income with them.

    The whole field – of why and how images work – is not adequately covered. Just those thin pieces about “rules of thirds” etc. That could be your domain. Please go for it!!

    • Hey Frank,

      I owe you a response. Should get back to the computer this afternoon or tomorrow. More to come.
      Glad you are enjoying the site!


    • Hi Frank,

      Thank you for your patience. It has taken me some time to get back to the recent comments. Happy to hear that HCB’s work and flatness are becoming more evident. The tools and techniques he uses are derived from drawing and classical arts.

      There has been a phobia of the term “classical” art since the Avant Garde of the early 20th Century. But the unfortunate truth is that in the many movements which have come after the 1900′s, there are very few tools which a young artist can study. We cannot be Duchamp. He fit a time, place, and persona. In the mean time, its worth noting that we cannot be Michelangelo either, but at least his body of work left useful clues that can be helpful.

      Not sure how a community will take shape, but I will keep you posted on things. And if you are interested in the upcoming workshops, they will be announced here or you can drop me an email.

      The concept of a “Pay Site” is not too appealing at the moment. The truth is that I enjoy working with people, rather than in the 3rd person via video instructions. But we will see how things develop over the coming months or years.


  3. Have you heard around the Scottish drag queen? He wore pants. -Lynn Lavner

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