Apr 192011
Up & Coming: Liz Loh-Taylor

One Camera, One Lens Photographer Liz Loh-Taylor gave up a career in finance to start a humanitarian foundation and to work as a photographer.  Equipped with only an M9 and a 35mm lens, her bare bones  approach is giving a voice to people being squeezed out of their homelands. What made you take the leap from working in finance [more...]

Feb 252011
Up & Coming: William Juseck

[ Photographs, Mainly of Women ] Ideal conditions and fancy equipment do not always produce the best pictures.  The limitations in budget, resources, and time can force us to maximize our creativity.  In between work and sleep, many young photographers got their start squeezing their passion into every available hour. In your newest series “Photographs, [more...]

Dec 272010
How To Spot A Real Venetian

Venice, Italy The crowds are gone, the rain has stopped, and the cold, blue sky has come in from the north. Its Christmas time in Venice and a great chance to experience the city with the locals, but what does a real Venetian look like? -35mm Summicron Version III For this trip to Venice, I [more...]