Jun 252014
The Summer Line Up

The Summer Line Up Linen + Leicas Introduction It feels like ages since I’ve been in the studio.  The last two months feel like a blur.  Thank god there were a few cameras to capture evidence of my travels.  It’s been exciting, tiring, and fulfilling all at the same time.  In fact, I’m not even [more...]

Jan 232014
Photography Workshop Florence, Italy with Adam Marelli + Leica Store Miami

Workshop Addition 2014 Florence // ITALY Adam Marelli + Leica Miami Why Florence After a successful workshop in Prague last year, Leica Store Miami + Adam Marelli Workshops wanted to keep the European adventures rolling.  This year we will be hosting a workshop in Florence, Italy’s artistic mecca.  Home to the Renaissance’s most innovative creations [more...]

Dec 162013
Shuji Nakagawa’s World

Shuji Nakagawa’s World  Kyoto Workshop Working in small spaces A Workshop Development After the workshop in Venice, I brought one of the workshop attendees, Fabio Gambini,  as I photographed inside of the workshop of Roberto Tramontin.  He is a gondola builder and namesake of Tramontin & Figli, which was started in 1884 by his great [more...]

Jul 222013
Sketches of Prague

Sketches of Prague Czech Republic Workshop Images Emerging from the gray cloak  of communism less than thirty years  ago, Prague has undergone a huge  transformation.  The vestages of its easter block history have been replaced with bustling cafes, lush parks and  and a healthy balance between progress and preservation.   A Week in Prague Visiting [more...]