Mar 132016
Adam Marelli Photo Brigade: My thoughts on Workshops, Travel, and the Art of Photography

Adam Marelli on the Photo Brigade My thoughts on Workshops, Travel, and the Art of Photography Robert Caplin, founder of the Photo Brigade, was kind enough to invite me to a session at Adorama here in New York City.  We recorded our time together and it went up on YouTube a while back.  Today they [more...]

Feb 162016
Why do I press the shutter

Why do I press that shutter button? by Bill Tracy Fellow photographer and writer Bill Tracy put together an delightful article that asks a number of well known photographers “Why they press that shutter button?” It was an honor to contribute along side other photographers like Joe McNally and Joel Meyerowitz.  Unlike the gravitational trend [more...]

Feb 152016
The buttons you won't find on any camera: Patience

The buttons you won’t find on any camera N° 1  Patience There are a few buttons that you will not find on any camera.  If they were there, the photography world would be a much different place.  There is no company that can invent them.  There is no technology that can capture them.  And there [more...]

Jan 182016
The New Kyoto Craft Movement

A Fresh Start for Tradition In 2012 a small group of Kyoto based craftsmen teamed up with the Danish design studio OEO to create Japan Handmade.  Their aim was to bring the best of traditional Japanese crafts to a more international market, while retaining the integrity of each workshop.  The culmination of their work was [more...]

Oct 122015
In good hands:  Adam Marelli interviewed on Contemporary Standard

Adam Marelli interviewed on Contemporary Standard M i l a n  /  I T A L Y A view on craftsmanship First, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience.  Before leaving for Italy, the “to do” list went from full to off-the-wall-packed.  As always it is in good fun, but the posts that I [more...]