Jan 212014
Danny Lyon Domino Players

Danny Lyon Domino Players Why Style Matters Introduction How do you see the world? Does your vision feel unique and what can that mean to someone else?  These are questions every artist and photographer wrestles with on a daily basis because without meaning, art is nothing more than decoration.  But some days it’s better to [more...]

Nov 212012
Rome: The Photography Workshop

Rome: The Photography Workshop Caravaggio’s Window The holiday season is just  around corner and what better way to get out of the house  test out all of your new gear than a photography workshop in Rome.     Before it was called Street Photography… In the 16th century Michelangelo Merisi, later known as Caravaggio, pioneered [more...]

Feb 102012

We All Make Mistakes | Knight, Pimp & Occasional Painter | Michelangelo Merisi, known to most as Caravaggio, was hardly a man you would want at the dinner table.  Hot tempered, violent and vain were the nicer ways of describing his temperament.  His career should have lasted another forty years, but was cut short in [more...]

Nov 232011
Surrealist Manifesto: Part I

A Surrealist Photographer [ HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON ] What do the Surrealist Manifesto  and Cartier-Bresson have to do with each other?  After his 1947 show at the Museum of Modern  Art, Robert Capa advised Cartier- Bresson to stop calling himself a Surrealist Photographer.  Years  later Cartier-Bresson agreed  that Capa’s advice was sound.   The Manifesto While [more...]

Jul 152011
Leonardo Da Vinci

Advice from Uncle Leo [ Ten Tips from a Master ] The advice of master artists can easily be adapted to photography. If we want a useful set of guidelines, it might as well come from the greatest artists in history.  By deciphering the tips they gave to young artists of the day, we should [more...]

May 282011
Robert Mapplethorpe

Classical Influence After World War II the center of the art world changed from Paris to New York.  The European tradition was shunned as artists searched for a new voice.  But after a generation of rebellion, artists of the 1970′s started to look back again to the classical tradition.  What followed could be a case [more...]