Jun 152011
Chip Forelli: PDN Magazine

Designing a Portfolio “So what type of work do you shoot?” This question stumps photographers all the time.  Clarity about your work can lead to successful jobs. In the recent issue of PDN, Chip shares the secret behind designing a portfolio and how it landed him a huge job. “I made this for you…” Parents [more...]

Mar 142011
Coming Soon

What’s New This Week The last two weeks have been jam packed with meetings, interviews, lectures, and scheduling. When I am not taking pictures, I am either designing buildings or consulting on architecture. How does architecture and photography fit together, well, more on that later. The Updates But I am finally back in front of the computer and [more...]

Jan 282011
Leica Air Interview: Chip Forelli

Expanding The Horizon Great photographers each develop their own signature style.  Ansel Adam’s was known for his pioneering spirit, Robert Capa for his insane courage, and Steve McCurry for blending into his surroundings. But a lesser known quality about many photographers is the amount of time they devote to passing along their knowledge to other photographers. [more...]