Dec 092014
MTA Arts & Design Installs New Photography Exhibit by Danny Lyon

Danny Lyon MTA Arts & Design Installs New Photography Exhibit by Danny Lyon ‘Underground: 1966’ Features Images of Subway Riders on View for First Time   Adam’s Note Every year New York City attracts millions of photographers, many of whom are waiting to take their first subway ride through the heart of Manhattan.  Originally opened [more...]

Jun 252014
The Summer Line Up

The Summer Line Up Linen + Leicas Introduction It feels like ages since I’ve been in the studio.  The last two months feel like a blur.  Thank god there were a few cameras to capture evidence of my travels.  It’s been exciting, tiring, and fulfilling all at the same time.  In fact, I’m not even [more...]

Jan 212014
Danny Lyon Domino Players

Danny Lyon Domino Players Why Style Matters Introduction How do you see the world? Does your vision feel unique and what can that mean to someone else?  These are questions every artist and photographer wrestles with on a daily basis because without meaning, art is nothing more than decoration.  But some days it’s better to [more...]

Jan 092014
Danny Lyon: Murals and Montages

Danny Lyon Opening Edwynn Houk Gallery  Saturday January 11th, 2014   A Note from Adam… This Saturday Edwynn Houk will be hosting a reception for photographer Danny Lyon at their Fifth Avenue location, 745 5th Ave to be exact.  I’m looking forward to going because it’s always nice to catch up with Danny.  He and [more...]

Apr 252012
Danny Lyon on Immigration

Juan’s Travels For those of you who read the site, you know we spend most of our time discussing design, art history, and travel.  But every now and again, I like to open the discussion.  Photographers are often politically engaged, not afraid to voice their opinions, and bring a first hand perspective to the discussion. [more...]

Apr 042012
This World Is Not My Home: Danny Lyon Photographs

The Menil Collection  [ HOUSTON/TEXAS ] Last week the Menil Collection opened an exhibition devoted to Danny Lyon.  The impressive thing to consider is the Menil Collection rarely shows photographers.  They are generally devoted to painting and sculpture, which makes this a big honor for Danny’s work to be featured in their space.  I have [more...]

Nov 042011
Danny Lyon

Photographer, Writer, & Bookmaker A photographer with an opinion is a dangerous combination.  It is the fear of any great regime that a single individual has access to the tools of propaganda, which can be used to call attention to the problems hiding under our noses.   Last Minute Change Its always confusing meeting someone [more...]

Oct 302011
Be Back Shortly

Hi Everyone, I have been offline for the last few days and just wanted to say hi. Between Photo East Expo here in NYC and preparation for the workshop I have been totally swamped.  There was no time to get any new articles posted, but there is new material coming this way. One awesome thing [more...]

Oct 122011
Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman Through Danny Lyon Last week, I slept on ceremonial Hopi Land in northern Arizona. Prior to leaving, photographer Danny Lyon and I sat in a park on Mulberry Street.  He said something that stuck with me. But it was not until I travelled half way across the country that his Walt Whitman quote [more...]