Nov 052012
Calcutta: The Workshop

Join Eric Kim and Adam Marelli… Street Photography Workshop: Introduction to Design/Composition Calcutta [INDIA] – December 10th-14th Eric’s Note: I am excited to announce that I will be teaching another unique 5-day workshop in Calcutta, India with NYC photographer and master composition teacher Adam Marelli. Adam Marelli has a keen eye for design, composition, and [more...]

May 152012
Italy Workshop Announcement

Introduction to Design/Composition in Street Photography Workshop Venice & Verona ( ITALY )   A Secret Tradition Come explore the sun drenched side streets of Venice & Verona in a truly unique photography workshop.  We will retrace the footsteps of the “Grand Tour” which was the foundation for any serious artist in the last three [more...]

May 172011
Perspectives: Eric Kim

Sharing Perspectives Photography tends to form little worlds based on equipment.  The SLR’s hang out in one room while the rangefinders go to another.  Even if we are shooting the same subjects, our choice in gear is a dividing force.  While both sides are immensely happy with their tools, I wanted to hear what someone [more...]