May 312012
NYC Summer Streets

SWEAT When the temperature reaches eighty degrees, most New Yorkers flock to the beach.  Left behind, are the hot and dedicated few who will endure a New York Summer. THE WEATHER Many cities are famous for their weather.  London has its rain and fog, Chicago has its wind and New York has its Extremes.  The [more...]

May 022012
Henri Cartier-Bresson vs Ferdinando Scianna

Copying is not Enough An appretice’s life in a studio meant copying the work of  a master artist.  But copying alone does not guarantee an understanding of design.  We need to bring “information to bear” as we organize the  chaos of life into a successful image.    Art versus Xerox In the 1500’s, when a [more...]

Jan 202012
When Titans Collide

McCurry, Kubota, and Scianna What happens when three famous photographers stand in front of the same scene?  Is it possible to determine a winner? | THE GOLDEN TICKET | There are days when we walk outside and know, I mean know in our bones, that a picture is standing in front of us.  Whether these [more...]