Aug 042015
O'Mast: The story of Neapolitan Tailors

O’Mast: The story of Neapolitan Tailors by Gianluca Migliarotti   Neapolitan Tailors Less than one hundred years ago clothes were made by hand, for individuals.  It was a time consuming and expensive tradition that has been slowly replaced by “ready-made” clothing, produced anonymously in distant factories.  The fit is an average of height, weight, and [more...]

Feb 252011
Up & Coming: William Juseck

[ Photographs, Mainly of Women ] Ideal conditions and fancy equipment do not always produce the best pictures.  The limitations in budget, resources, and time can force us to maximize our creativity.  In between work and sleep, many young photographers got their start squeezing their passion into every available hour. In your newest series “Photographs, [more...]

Nov 242010
Keep Applying

–PDN Photobook [  N Y C  ] Applying to photo competitions can feel like buying a lottery ticket.  Its tough to believe that out of thousands of images yours will be selected, but it can happen. –NYC Winners Announced Photography competitions are new to me.  To be honest, I am really bad at looking up [more...]

Nov 232010
From North to South: 180 South

JEFF JOHNSON 180° South Whenever we have a chance to speak to someone we admire, the hope is, they are thoughtful, sincere, and generous.  This is exactly what it was like to speak with photographer Jeff Johnson. Jeff has recently made headlines across the photography, surfing, and climbing communities with the film 180° South. Introduction [more...]

Nov 062010
How to Photograph Strangers

To Ask or Shoot Taking pictures of strangers can be intimidating.  If you ask, the moment may be gone, but if you don’t there may be a bigger problem.  How do you decide how to photo- graph strangers? Costa Rica It takes some guts to grab a camera, head out in the streets, and start [more...]