Oct 192014
2014 Ipa International Photography Award | Adam Marelli

2014 Ipa Award | Adam Marelli Invisible City & Bear in the Canal Matera & Venice, Italy   Introduction Photography competitions are a strange breed.  They come in almost every variety from the town fair to international art recognition.  To an outsider, it may be difficult to determine what a competition actually does and what [more...]

Sep 262013
IPA International Photography Awards 2013: Adam Marelli

IPA International Photography Awards 2013: Adam Marelli  Honorable Mention: 4 Categories Deeper Perspective Culture Still Life  Portrait   Why I am excited about Honorable Mention? This week one of my One on One students wrote to congratulate me about winning Honorable Mention for the IPA International Photography Awards with my series “Lost Ceremony.”  Apparently there [more...]