Jan 242012
How To Photograph A City

Matera Can a city preserve its history without living in the past?  Matera challenges the trends of tourist cities by retaining its local character without compromising its integrity.  | WHO OWNS A CITY | Progress and preservation are in a constant battle.  We love the things of the past, but want the conveniences of the [more...]

Jan 102011
Leica Lens Review: 35mm Summicron f 2.0

Small, Simple, & Pre-ASPH Standing on a balcony outside of the Magnum Office’s in New York, Tina Ruisinger photographed Inge Morath and  her Leica M6.  The beat up hood of the 35mm Summicron, made me wonder, why the most famous pictures were taken with equipment that looks like it went through a war?  I wanted [more...]

Nov 062010
How to Photograph Strangers

–To Ask or Shoot Taking pictures of strangers can be intimidating.  If you ask, the moment may be gone, but if you don’t there may be a bigger problem.  How do you decide how to photo- graph strangers? Costa Rica It takes some guts to grab a camera, head out in the streets, and start [more...]

Oct 262010
Leica Lens Review: 50mm Summicron F 2.0

Revisiting A Legend Venice is the perfect backdrop for testing Leica’s classic lens. Often under rated, the Summicron is more than a stepping stone in the Leica line up. Like its Italian counter part, this lens has resisted the test of time, earning its place in the canon of great glass. –The Basics The Venetians [more...]