Jan 122016
Design your own shoot in Japan: Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts

Design your own shoot in Japan Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts Hidden away from street level is the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts.  Like many of Japan’s treasures, it is not so easy to find.  But part of the fun of travel in Japan is the quest to find things hidden in plain sight.  The [more...]

Dec 222015
The Passing of a Great Master: Hosai Matsubayashi

The Passing of a Great Master Hosai Matsubayashi Master Ceramic artist of Asahiyaki This month we morn the loss of a great man.  Fifteenth generation ceramic master Hosai Matsubayashi passed away.  His son Yusuke informed me a few weeks ago.  It is a great loss and I hope that we can all pass our condolences [more...]

Dec 092015
What did Japanese art do to photography: Part 2

What did Japanese art do to photography: Part 2  Japanese woodblock prints The Group Why do we photograph random groups of people? Have you ever wondered why street photography has become so popular?  Why are there endless shots of people in bus windows, waiting for trains, or walking to work?  Have we all taken a [more...]

Apr 072015
Over a cup of tea: Origin Magazine

Over a cup of Tea Origin of Lost Ceremony J  A  P  A  N Adam’s Note: When I returned from the first round of shooting Lost Ceremony in Japan, I wrote and illustrated an article for Origin Magazine that has not yet been shared online.  After three years, three exhibitions, and an upcoming book project, [more...]

Dec 122014
Adam Marelli x Slow Tools Camera Bag Collaboration

Adam Marelli x Slow Tools  Camera Bag Collaboration New York City/Osaka One Year of Testing In the summer of 2013, I met Ichiro Nitta at the Capsule Trade show here in New York City.  He represents a boutique bag manufacturer out of Osaka Japan, named Slow Tools.  In their collection, a small canvas shoulder bag [more...]

Apr 022014
Adam Marelli: Opening at Leica SoHo

TRACES OF A LOST CEREMONY Adam Marelli Opening at Leica SoHo FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 27, 2014 Leica Store Soho 460 West Broadway New York City, NY 10013 Adam Marelli “Traces of a Lost Ceremony” Opening: May 8th, 2014 May 8th – June 26th, 2014 Press Release Leica Store Soho is delighted to announce the [more...]

Nov 192013
Slow Tools Camera Bag

Slow Tools Camera Bag An Unlikely Solution Osaka Japan The Quest Concluded Finding the perfect camera bag is almost as hard as finding the perfect picture.  At the recent Photo Expo in New York City, companies from around the world were showcasing their newest fabrics, removable pouches, and secret compartments for the endless amount of [more...]

Oct 262012
5 Things I Learned in Japan

5 Things I learned in Japan Master Craftsmen For the last month I travelled in Japan for a project I shot called Master  Craftsmen: An Endangered Species.   Along the way I discovered, first hand,  why people describe Japan as a universe   unto itself.    Thank You First I wanted to thank everyone who [more...]