Apr 202011
Leica Gallery: Nicholas Vreeland

Return To The Roof Of The World Tomorrow night the Leica Gallery will be exhibiting the new work by Tibetan Monk Nicholas Vreeland curated by Elizabeth Avedon. Rite of Spring Whether you are just in town for vacation or emerging from a winter hibernation, the Leica Gallery has a surprise in store for everyone.  Join [more...]

Apr 112011
Leica Gallery Guide

New York City Every month I recieve emails from readers of the website who are planning a trip to New New York City.  The two most common questions are “Are there any good photo shows?” and “Can you recommend a good place to eat?”   Where Are The Photo Galleries? It can be a challenge [more...]

Mar 082011
Leica Gallery: WOWE + Alan Behr

Shooting From The Inside For those who embrace the crowded island of Manhattan as home, it is know simply as “The City.”  Seen from above, a collection of miniature worlds live above, below,and in between one another.  Each world, if it is lucky, will have a handy photographer to remove the veil and shoot from [more...]