Jan 242012
How To Photograph A City

Matera Can a city preserve its history without living in the past?  Matera challenges the trends of tourist cities by retaining its local character without compromising its integrity.  | WHO OWNS A CITY | Progress and preservation are in a constant battle.  We love the things of the past, but want the conveniences of the [more...]

Jun 042011
Great Compositions: Photographer Craig Semetko

Great Compositions: Craig Semetko The School of Henri Cartier-Bresson When we begin photography, it is a natural tendency to look for inspiration.  If we are lucky we might have a chance to work with the photographers we admire, but for many of us, we can only know them through their images. Getting To Know Henri [more...]

May 252011
Leica Akademie

Lenses For Free? Last weekend Leica hosted the most popular booth at the NY Photo Festival, why?  They were loaning out cameras and lenses to anyone with a drivers license and a credit card.  It was a fantastic way to test your dream camera and lenses in the field. —The Breakdown Leica lenses are in [more...]

Apr 192011
Up & Coming: Liz Loh-Taylor

One Camera, One Lens Photographer Liz Loh-Taylor gave up a career in finance to start a humanitarian foundation and to work as a photographer.  Equipped with only an M9 and a 35mm lens, her bare bones  approach is giving a voice to people being squeezed out of their homelands. What made you take the leap from working in finance [more...]

Feb 162011
Who Is Sven Hoffmann?

ISSUE N° 005 / HONG KONG How did you decide to start working with a Leica? And which equipment do you use? I have always been a huge fan of “The Greats” like Robert Frank, Clemens Kalischer, and Wim Wenders just to name a few.  For me they are true Leica photographers, along with Henri Cartier-Bresson.  [more...]

Jan 052011
New Category: "Your Shots"

F 1.4 from Leica Images Every morning I check two websites for new images.  Leica Images and LFi’s Online gallery have some of the finest, user submitted, pictures on the planet.  I wanted to take a moment to discuss why these pictures are so successful. -F 1.4 aka Dustan Osborn Coming back from India, my [more...]

Dec 032010
Old World Masters: Shotaro Namuro & Yasuhiro Hirakawa

Shotaro Nomuro & Yasuhiro Hirakawa There are a few places left in the world, where things are made by hand.  Sakai Japan used to craft the worlds finest swords.  But even though the samurais have all disappeared, the tradition of turning lumps of iron into razor sharp blades remains virtually unchanged. What does knife making [more...]