Feb 192012
Tête A Tête

E. H. Gombrich Making A Likeness What is the difference between a mug shot and a portrait? Capturing the likeness of a sitter is a skill which continues to captivate an audience. Even though a photograph is taken from reality, it does not  guarantee the portrait will ring the bells of recognition.  — What is [more...]

Sep 192011
Bill Brandt

Young Housewife Bethnal Green, England This morning, I flipped through my copy of “The Family of Man”.  It was based on an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art from 1955, mounted by Edward Steichen. A picture jumped out at me and I wanted to share it with you.   Simple Gestures At the moment, [more...]

Jul 152011
Leonardo Da Vinci

Advice from Uncle Leo [ Ten Tips from a Master ] The advice of master artists can easily be adapted to photography. If we want a useful set of guidelines, it might as well come from the greatest artists in history.  By deciphering the tips they gave to young artists of the day, we should [more...]