Jun 042011
Great Compositions: Photographer Craig Semetko

Great Compositions: Craig Semetko The School of Henri Cartier-Bresson When we begin photography, it is a natural tendency to look for inspiration.  If we are lucky we might have a chance to work with the photographers we admire, but for many of us, we can only know them through their images. Getting To Know Henri [more...]

May 312011
Myron Barnstone

The Photographer’s Secret Henri Cartier-Bresson might be one of the finest photographers in history. Not because he shot the famous wars or scandalous pictures, but because his designs are so precise they begin to approach the practice of painting, where he learned his craft. Carrying on the artistic tradition is master Myron Barnstone.  Join me [more...]

May 282011
Robert Mapplethorpe

Classical Influence After World War II the center of the art world changed from Paris to New York.  The European tradition was shunned as artists searched for a new voice.  But after a generation of rebellion, artists of the 1970′s started to look back again to the classical tradition.  What followed could be a case [more...]

May 202011
Great Compositions: Alfred Eisenstaedt

Great Compositions Alfred Eisenstaedt Has someone ever asked you why you like an image?  Beneath the surface of great picture, there is a geometric design in hiding.  In this series, we will search for the dynamic symmetry that photographers and artists have used for centuries to create successful works of art. —Introduction Martin Corone Dos [more...]