Jun 152011
Chip Forelli: PDN Magazine

Designing a Portfolio “So what type of work do you shoot?” This question stumps photographers all the time.  Clarity about your work can lead to successful jobs. In the recent issue of PDN, Chip shares the secret behind designing a portfolio and how it landed him a huge job. “I made this for you…” Parents [more...]

Nov 242010
Keep Applying

–PDN Photobook [  N Y C  ] Applying to photo competitions can feel like buying a lottery ticket.  Its tough to believe that out of thousands of images yours will be selected, but it can happen. –NYC Winners Announced Photography competitions are new to me.  To be honest, I am really bad at looking up [more...]

Nov 022010
PDN Photo-Expo

Testing New Lenses N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y At the PDN Photo Expo here in NYC, Leica was on hand with an arsenal of lenses.  It was a great place to handle some of the new equipment and take the images home thanks to my M9. Leica Boutique The [more...]