Feb 162016
Why do I press the shutter

Why do I press that shutter button? by Bill Tracy Fellow photographer and writer Bill Tracy put together an delightful article that asks a number of well known photographers “Why they press that shutter button?” It was an honor to contribute along side other photographers like Joe McNally and Joel Meyerowitz.  Unlike the gravitational trend [more...]

Feb 152016
The buttons you won't find on any camera: Patience

The buttons you won’t find on any camera N° 1  Patience There are a few buttons that you will not find on any camera.  If they were there, the photography world would be a much different place.  There is no company that can invent them.  There is no technology that can capture them.  And there [more...]

Feb 022016
A Philosophy on Editing

Philosophy on editing a photograph Introduction In light of the recent “Nikon airplane contest disaster” I thought it would be worth writing a short philosophy on editing.  The view that each photographer takes on editing must be developed individually.  It is an ethical attempt at your own practice which will inevitably change over time.  Perfect [more...]