Oct 192015
Photographer at Large: Michael Thiaener, A shift in perspective

Architecture, Purpose and Interaction Note from Adam: Anyone who reads the blog regularly knows that I am a huge advocate of mentors.  I’m not talking about slavish devotion or fan-boy admiration of someone.  That won’t do anything for your photography.  Mentorship is about working together to achieve your new goals, not just reinforcing the success [more...]

Jul 222015
Photographer at Large: Dirk Heyman with Philippe Dufour

Photographer at Large: Dirk Heyman with Philippe Dufour Philippe Dufour L e  S o l l i a t  /  S W I T Z E R L A N D Horlogerie Compliquée On a miserable grey and cold day (March 29) with storm warning 3 (in a scale up to 5), I had the [more...]

Jun 292015
Photographer at Large: Indrajit Khambe

Photographer at Large: Indrajit Khambe How to shoot an emotional moment   Adam’s Note How much distance can we put between the camera and our subject?  Is it a matter that can be measured in feet and meters or is the distance an invisible emotion that ties us to a moment? When Indrajit, a reader [more...]

Feb 162015
Photographer at Large: Marc Derydt

Photographer at Large Marc Derydt “A city like no other” Barcelona SPAIN Adam’s Note Paris, Rome, Barcelona…the mere mention of these cities and people will immediately respond.  Our reaction to a city is intensely personal.  Maybe it is the history, the food or the people, but cities possess a magnetic force that we cannot resist. [more...]

Jan 192015
Photographer at Large: Dirk Heyman, Power of Quiet

Photographer at Large: Dirk Heyman The Power of Quiet    Adam’s Note Three years ago during a stormy workshop in Zurich, I met photographer Dirk Heyman.  The weather gods were not in our favor as the temperature went from 72F/23C to snow overnight.  The evening before the workshop, Dirk and I went for dinner at [more...]