Jan 262015
Photographer at Large: Rammy Narula

Photographer at Large: Rammy Narula “Finding Balance” BANGKOK/THAILAND   Adam’s Note Rammy and I met a few years ago in Bangkok.  At the time, he was going through a rough patch personally.  Photography was more than a creative outlet, it was his release from life.  What struck me about Rammy was his willingness to work [more...]

Mar 212014
Rammy Narula: Life is an Act

Rammy Narula Life is an Act Bangkok THAILAND   Introduction It’s with great pleasure that I would like to announce that One on One and Adam Marelli Workshop alumnus Rammy Narula will be having his first exhibition in Bangkok in April.  Well beyond the confines of both programs, Rammy has worked tirelessly to develop a [more...]

Feb 252013
Before & After from the Bangkok Workshop with Rammy Narula

Thoughts from the Bangkok Workshop Stepping outside of the comfort zone Photography is a game of small  victories and incremental learning. Whether we focus on technical  challenges or the artistic ones,  there will always new areas to  explore.  Workshops can be a great place to step out of your  regular approach and try a new  [more...]