Aug 262014
Natural Light Portraits

Natural Light Portraits Anytime, anywhere New York City, USA   Introduction Every morning, from the Scottish Highlands to the Cape of Good Hope, we are gifted with natural light from the sun.  From pole to pole, sunlight has a million faces.  It changes temperature and intensity like a moody king.  It is, without question, the [more...]

Mar 312012
Jean-Francois Millet

The Peasant Painter Can you remember the first  time you saw a National Geographic?  The exotic landscapes and strange peasants have tickled our imaginations  for decades.  But where did the  interest in peasants find its roots?   Thousands of miles from home Whenever I start working with someone for the first time, I always ask [more...]

Jun 242011
YOUR SHOT [ 004 ]

Marco Rodarte-Elias “I like it, but not sure why” Have you ever taken a picture and liked it, but were not sure why?  When it comes to explaining why we like pictures, the conversation gets a bit murky.  Sometimes we can recognize a good picture, but find it hard to explain. On The Beach While [more...]