Aug 072012
From the Front with Robert Capa

See into the Future Running in Traffic [ WAR & TRAFFIC ] When a photographer can  see a photo before it happens  the final image breathes with life. A quick change in your step  can mean the difference between  a picture that works or the one  that got away.    Face Front The split second [more...]

Jul 152011
Leonardo Da Vinci

Advice from Uncle Leo [ Ten Tips from a Master ] The advice of master artists can easily be adapted to photography. If we want a useful set of guidelines, it might as well come from the greatest artists in history.  By deciphering the tips they gave to young artists of the day, we should [more...]

Jun 182011
Great Compositions: Robert Capa

Great Compositions: Robert Capa Making It Happen Expelled from Hungary at age seventeen, Endre Friedmann bounced from Germany to France learning photography along the way.  When he arrived the man we know as Robert Capa was born.  Possibly the greatest war photographer in history Capa’s contributions are as broad as his interest. Introduction This analysis [more...]

May 162011
Great Compositions Series

Great Compositions Series Understanding The Masters Why do we love certain pictures? Is there an embedded design that appeals to our eyes that we have never even noticed?  Most great photographers have learned classical modes of composition that are rarely discussed.  Its time to look at some images and see what’s going on beneath the [more...]

Dec 062010
Lost Luggage: The Mexican Suitcase

[ The Mexican Suitcase ] ROBERT CAPA, CHIM, & GERDA TARO -Contacts Ten years ago, on a last minute trip to Italy, I saw an banner advertisement for a show by the fashion photographer, Patrick Demarchelier.  The exhibition was collection of contact sheets from his shoots with supermodels, Hollywood types, and pretty people of the [more...]