Dec 022014
Workshop Photographer: Monika Houck's Venice

Workshop Photographer: Monika Houck’s Venice Da maestro ad apprendista From master to apprentice  Venice, ITALY   Adam’s Note How often do we allow someone to come to work with us?  Not that often, right?  And for good reason.  Work is our livelihood.  It is the place where we build up a reputation that comes with [more...]

Oct 222014
Rewind: The Bear in the Canal interview on Leica Camera Blog

Rewind: The Bear in the Canal Interview Leica Camera Blog Ipa Award Deeper Perspective The Back Story Everything in this series was shot in a squero (Venetian boatyard) that was started by Roberto Tramontin’s great-grandfather in 1884. My presence was lackluster at best and believe me, I’m not in when it comes to Venice. In [more...]

Dec 162013
Shuji Nakagawa’s World

Shuji Nakagawa’s World  Kyoto Workshop Working in small spaces A Workshop Development After the workshop in Venice, I brought one of the workshop attendees, Fabio Gambini,  as I photographed inside of the workshop of Roberto Tramontin.  He is a gondola builder and namesake of Tramontin & Figli, which was started in 1884 by his great [more...]