Jun 012015
Salt of the Earth: Sebastiao Salgado

Salt of the Earth: Sebastiao Salgado A  f i l m  f o r  p h o t o g r a p h e r s This weekend, a good friend recommended I watch “Salt of the Earth.”  The new documentary by Wim Wenders chronicles thirty years of Sebastiao Salgado’s work, life, and accomplishments.  [more...]

Feb 242012
Sebastião Salgado

The Visible Photographer | The Curve and the Line | Curve or Line What do you prefer a curve or a line?  Tough question huh?  The curve is filled with life the line with order.  The curve defines the swell of a muscle or the swirl of a wave.  Its unbridled energy excites us as [more...]

Aug 222011
Magnum Contact Sheets

Study the Masters — Thames & Hudson Press Wouldn’t it be nice to explore the Magnum Archives?  I could spend months, maybe even years pouring over the contacts of my favorite photographers.  Contact sheets contain the subtle lessons of composition, design, and the moment when everything comes together into a magical image. A Book Of [more...]

Jul 152011
Leonardo Da Vinci

Advice from Uncle Leo [ Ten Tips from a Master ] The advice of master artists can easily be adapted to photography. If we want a useful set of guidelines, it might as well come from the greatest artists in history.  By deciphering the tips they gave to young artists of the day, we should [more...]

Jun 042011
Great Compositions: Photographer Craig Semetko

Great Compositions: Craig Semetko The School of Henri Cartier-Bresson When we begin photography, it is a natural tendency to look for inspiration.  If we are lucky we might have a chance to work with the photographers we admire, but for many of us, we can only know them through their images. Getting To Know Henri [more...]

Apr 192011
Up & Coming: Liz Loh-Taylor

One Camera, One Lens Photographer Liz Loh-Taylor gave up a career in finance to start a humanitarian foundation and to work as a photographer.  Equipped with only an M9 and a 35mm lens, her bare bones  approach is giving a voice to people being squeezed out of their homelands. What made you take the leap from working in finance [more...]

Apr 152011
What Is My Next Project

Felix Kunze on Marlene Rose Selecting a project is a challenge that every photographer must face.  Whether you are a reporter for Time magazine or an avid Flickr poster, we all need new and exciting subjects.  But how do you learn to step outside of the comfort zone and find new projects? Fashion Eye On [more...]

Jan 202011
Sebastião Salgado & Fred Ritchin

Sebastiao Salgado & Fred Ritchin Entering the Circle Approaching people for the first time can be intimidating.  Our anxieties are usually greater than the real situation.  Sebastião Salgado, an economics student turned photographer, discusses his ideas about “Entering the circle.”  Once inside you are no longer take pictures of people, they give them to you. [more...]