Jul 242012

STEVE McCURRY Pirelli Calendar (This post contains nudity) [ RIO DE JANEIRO] Every year the Pirelli Calendar combines offers one photographer the chance to  showcase their distinct style.  The muses are some of the worlds top models who  spend most of their time artfully cover up their most intimate areas. This year Magnum & National [more...]

Jan 202012
When Titans Collide

McCurry, Kubota, and Scianna What happens when three famous photographers stand in front of the same scene?  Is it possible to determine a winner? | THE GOLDEN TICKET | There are days when we walk outside and know, I mean know in our bones, that a picture is standing in front of us.  Whether these [more...]

Jun 102011
Interview: Steve McCurry

Shifting Tides The voice of a photographer exists in their images.  As witnesses to history, those perceptions change over time. After three decades of work, I wanted to ask Steve McCurry how his experiences working in Asia have shaped his world view. — Introduction Last year, at a book signing at Phaidon Press, I had [more...]

Jun 042011
Great Compositions: Photographer Craig Semetko

Great Compositions: Craig Semetko The School of Henri Cartier-Bresson When we begin photography, it is a natural tendency to look for inspiration.  If we are lucky we might have a chance to work with the photographers we admire, but for many of us, we can only know them through their images. Getting To Know Henri [more...]

May 312011
Myron Barnstone

The Photographer’s Secret Henri Cartier-Bresson might be one of the finest photographers in history. Not because he shot the famous wars or scandalous pictures, but because his designs are so precise they begin to approach the practice of painting, where he learned his craft. Carrying on the artistic tradition is master Myron Barnstone.  Join me [more...]

Mar 142011
Coming Soon

What’s New This Week The last two weeks have been jam packed with meetings, interviews, lectures, and scheduling. When I am not taking pictures, I am either designing buildings or consulting on architecture. How does architecture and photography fit together, well, more on that later. The Updates But I am finally back in front of the computer and [more...]